Download iPhone XS, XS Max Live Wallpapers On Your Older iPhone

As Apple’s latest iPhone lineup prepares to hit the shelves around the world, prospective customers must finally decide whether or not they will shell out on an upgrade this time around. The iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max aren’t particularly enticing as upgrades go and those who plumped up for last year’s iPhone X are likely to have a hard time justifying similar expenditure come September 21.

There are certainly a few under-the-hood improvements of value, but not much that would immediately catch the average consumer’s eye. If you’ve already decided that you’re going to stick with your current iPhone, you’ll be pleased to know that you needn’t forego the gorgeous new Live wallpapers that are slated to ship with the iPhone XS duo. We were able to get our hands on the new still wallpapers (link at the end) made for the new lineup shortly after its announcement and now have three new Live wallpapers to adorn our Home and Lock screens with. In what follows, we guide you through how to do just that.

Note that 3D Touch is a requirement for Live wallpapers. The iPhone 6s as well as all newer releases apart from the iPhone XR sport 3D Touch displays. Those with older iPhones that lack Apple’s proprietary pressure-sensitive input are out of luck, unfortunately, unless they jailbreak and install a 3D Touch emulation tweak such as Peek-a-Boo.

1. Download the three Live wallpapers in video form directly to your iPhone’s Photos app from the following link.

Download iPhone XS, XS Max Live Wallpapers [Google Drive]

Note: if you have the Google Drive app installed, open the link in the app, tap on the “more” icon in front of each video and select Send a copy > Save Video to save it to Photos. Alternatively, you may download and email the files to yourself from your computer, then download them using an email client on your iPhone.

2. Install the free app intoLive from the App Store. We will be using this to convert the videos to Live Photos.

Download intoLive [App Store]

3. Launch intoLive, allow it to access Photos, and pick one of the three videos from your gallery.

4. Tap Make followed by Save Live Photos.

5. Open the Photos app, select the newly saved Live Photo (it should have a “Live” label on it when viewed), tap the Share button, and select Use as Wallpaper from the options at the bottom.

6. From the screen that follows, make sure that the Live Photo option is selected and hit Set. When choosing whether to apply the wallpaper to the Lock screen, Home screen, or both from the following screen, remember that the wallpaper will only animate on the Lock screen.

You’re all set. Head on over to the Lock screen and press hard in an empty space to see your new wallpaper come to life. If you haven’t used Live Photos as wallpapers before, you’ll notice that the experience isn’t as smooth and seamless as with the Live wallpapers that came with your iPhone, but some might argue that it’s still better than having a plain old still wallpaper!

The new wallpapers look particularly fetching on the iPhone X, with the deep blacks of its OLED panel making the notch nearly invisible. They were designed with the same panel in mind, after all.

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