Sharecuts Offers A Place To Download, Share Great New Shortcuts (iOS 12+)

With the final release of iOS 12 out and about for the general public’s delectation, there are a bunch of goodies to enjoy, not all of which come packed with the update. Apple’s highly anticipated Shortcuts app too is now available to download on the App Store. The free app, which is essentially the company’s rendition of the popular Workflow app it acquired last year, allows users to automate complex tasks, each containing a chain of actions and logical instructions, and invoke them either from within the app, through Home screen shortcuts, or anywhere else via Siri.

While that all sounds great, throwing together your own shortcuts can be quite a bit of work, which is where Sharecuts comes in. Created by developer Guilherme Rambo and parked over at, this excellent idea for a website serves as a portal for sharing and downloading ready-to-use shortcuts. Even if you enjoy the process of creating your own shortcuts, the website can offer some excellent inspiration and maybe shave some minutes off of tasks you’d have never thought to automate.

Sharecuts works as you’d imagine. You launch a browser and point it to, browse through the shortcuts displayed on the homepage, and once you’ve found one that you like simply tap it, and confirm that you want to open it in the Shortcuts app. Within the app, tap Get Shortcut to add it to your list. While the site is being moderated by a developer of some repute, you might want to look carefully through the actions each downloaded shortcut is performing, as they have, after all, been created by a third party.

The project is, as the developer says, a bare-bones version of what it is slated to be, with shortcut submissions currently limited to a few people. The developer promises to make it “open for everyone in the future, with curation and upvoting features.”

There aren’t many shortcuts available to download on the site right now, though the few that are, are definitely worth checking out – the nifty PDF from Markdown shortcut, for instance, which instantly converts clipboard (copied) text into a PDF file, or Flashlight Morse, which converts text to Morse code, playing it over your device’s flashlight.

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