iOS 12: How To Enable Quiet Notifications For Individual Apps

With iOS 12, Apple finally added a much desired user experience element that the competition has been offering for quite a while – grouped notifications. After the update, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices will group notifications by app on the Lock screen and within the Notification Center, though that isn’t the extent of the improvements made to notification management. Users can now also silence notifications for individual apps, or rather, make them less intrusive, right from the Lock screen or Notification Center. Apple calls this new feature “quiet notifications.”

What enabling quiet notifications for an app does is have them delivered quietly to the Notification Center while keeping them out of the Lock screen, offering another layer of management beyond disabling notifications completely or turning on the Do Not Disturb feature. In what follows, we guide you through how to enable quiet notifications for apps of your choice.

How to Enable Quiet Notifications

1. When you receive a notification from an app, on your device’s Lock screen or within the Notification Center, swipe right across the notification to reveal related options.

2. Tap Manage.

3. Select Deliver Quietly.

How to Disable Quiet Notifications

If you change your mind at a later time, open up the Notification Center, find a notification from the same app and do the following.

1. Swipe right across the notification.

2. Tap Manage.

3. Select Deliver Prominently.

That’s all there is to it. Note that you can also choose to altogether disable notifications for any app from the same “Manage notifications” dialog, though that provision is, as before, also accessible from within the Notifications section of the Settings app.

Do you think you’ll be using this little productivity feature a lot? Let us know in the comments section below.

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