Beginner’s Guide to Two Point Campus

Two Point Studios has recently released its second game named Two Point Campus. It is a management game that focuses on creating successful universities, unlocking courses, and completing the staff’s and students’ goals to improve the campus rating.

It retains the quirkiness and humor of Two Point’s previous game with its own touch, and it is really a fun game to play as reviewed by critics and fans alike. However, management games tend to be challenging for those who do not play the genre a lot, and it can be overwhelming to complete various tasks.

If you are starting up the game now, here are some tips to help you get three stars for each of the universities that you will be overseeing in Two Point Campus.

Take Note of the Tutorial

First of all, tutorials are there to help you understand the overall game. If Two Point Campus is your first management game, then it may get overwhelming quickly. Especially when the tutorial is done as students and staff will send you requests and tasks that you need to complete without hesitation.

The first campus will teach you most of the things that you need to learn about the gameplay, and afterward, you can probably run a successful campus as you go along the way.

Build Classrooms and Course-Related Facilities First

When you start running a university, you need classrooms and course-related rooms so your students can learn and get their grades by the end of the year. These are the most important rooms on campus after all.

You have to build them before starting a year, and take note that you only need to build course-related facilities for the courses you selected. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money, which is essential in this game.

Additionally, you may want to build a big library, as it may get flocked by many students at once if they are doing their assignments and research. One big library usually suffices, then you can just build another one as you expand, later on, as you accept more courses for your campus.

Hiring Staff the Right Way

For students to learn, a teacher is needed. We highly recommend checking each staff member for their positive and negative traits. There are some negative traits that can really affect the staff, and it can snowball toward the students not getting good grades.

Of course, do not forget to hire teachers that have high good qualifications, or janitors that can upgrade your rooms. You can always send them in training if you want them to improve, and you can actually queue them so you can send them one by one without affecting your campus productivity.

Hold on to Your Cash

Players may get a little bit too enthusiastic with their money if they have 200,000 cash lying around. But sadly, you have to save them as much as you can because you will have to pay for your staff’s salary every month. This can get surprisingly high if you are not careful.

Every month, you will receive a notification on how much profit or loss you’ve gained for the past month, and this is important to check because sometimes you need to fire someone on your staff to keep the cash flow on the positive side, or you may add more money-making items in the campus, such as vending machines or stalls.

If you end up on low funds, you can always loan money, but you have to pay them monthly for a set number of months. We highly recommend you do this only if you need to expand your campus, and as long as you are earning more than the monthly payment. If you are in the red, you can still loan money, but make sure that you will eventually reach a positive cash flow. Otherwise, if you gather a large amount of debt, it will be game over for you.

Expand Only If Necessary

Expanding quickly in the game may put you in a negative cash flow. Two Point Campus lets you edit the whole building, so you can extend them from end to end of the available lot, but you can also buy neighboring lots if you have extra money, so you have more space for your building.

We highly recommend cramping as many rooms into the space that you have before starting to expand. Do not think too much about what your campus looks like, as long as it is efficient, and no queues are being formed as it can affect your students’ grades.

You can easily identify rooms that have queues as it has a warning above the room on how many people are currently queuing, so you can build more of the same room. Good thing the game has a copy-and-paste feature so you do not have to create the same room from scratch.

Build Big Dormitories and Facilities

In Two Point Campus, dormitories work like a ward without a nurse in Two Point Hospital or a Staff Room. As mentioned in the tutorial, students do not care how it looks or if they have privacy, they only need it for sleeping.

You can build them in any size, but we highly recommend you build a larger one that can have six beds at least. This way you do not have to create small dormitories, which can be costly in the long run.

This goes the same for shower rooms and comfort rooms, although you can be more lenient with these as long as you have 3 cubicles in comfort rooms, and 4 shower cubicles in shower rooms. You can build small ones in cramped spaces so students and staff will not have to go to a farther location for their necessities.

Kudosh is Essential

Kudosh is like a premium currency in Two Point Campus, which is used to unlock new items in the game. It also has a bigger part in this game compared to its predecessor as personal goals tend to request locked items that you need to unlock.

With that said, you do not have to complete every personal goal that you receive from students as this may cause you a lot of kudosh even if it is just 30 kudosh for a poster. You may have to save up for a better item to unlock such as a new kiosk so you can generate more income for your campus.

Happiness and Grades Go Hand in Hand

Happiness and Grades are both important in Two Point Campus. A great campus has great students, and high grades usually mean happy students, so they go hand in hand.

It is important for students to have a place to socialize like the Student Union and put up clubs as both offer numerous advantages to keep their happiness and grades high. We recommend setting up events as it increases happiness tremendously but make sure it is set up on dates that do not have important academic-related events.

Now, you can check each student’s grade so you can monitor their progress. You can build private tutor rooms so they can improve their studies faster, and we highly recommend you to build two private tutor rooms, and then send those who have C or lower grades.

Use the Visualization Tool

One neat feature of Two Point Campus is its visualization tool. It basically lets you see your campus in a different way depending on the category you select like entertainment, temperature, or hygiene.

You can easily see which places need to have radiation, or which place needs to have more arcade cabinets. It is best to use it regularly so you know which place on your campus needs improvement.

Two Point Campus is a fun management game where you can build your dream university, and see students graduate with high grades or see them struggle with a D grade. As you progress in the game, you will easily get used to the gameplay mechanics, but each campus has its own unique challenges.

We hope that our tips and tricks help you on reaching three stars for each campus. If you have your own tricks, then feel free to let us know in the comment section below. You can find Two Point Campus on the Nintendo eShop, and get them with some Nintendo eShop Cards from OffGamers here.

Sarah Paul

Sarah is a Junior Content Outreach Writer at OffGamers and a contributor here at Geek Cosmos.