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This Is What Natalie Portman May Look Like As Thor In Love & Thunder [Wallpaper]

This year’s San Diego Comic Con was a big one for comic book movie fans, specifically those who lean more toward the works of Marvel Studios. The Disney-owned outfit announced Phase 4 of its revered cinematic universe, unveiling a bevy new and familiar titles, including a few new TV shows that are slated to launch with the highly anticipated Disney+ streaming service. Among the new entries promised was a fourth installment in the Thor franchise called Thor: Love & Thunder that will mark the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of female Thor. Staying true to the comics, the MCU has deemed...

Civil War Movie’s Iron Man & Captain America Teams Revealed

The second sequel to Marvel Studios’ Captain America movie series might be eight whole months away from release, but even now, it has fans hyped, and for good reason. Captain America: Civil War is said to have more characters than any other title in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, so naturally, any new info, leaks or rumors revolving around the film is going to garner quite a bit of attention.