Infographic History Of Live-Action Spider-Man Suits [Homecoming Edition]

We’re a day away from the global premiere of the MCU’s first solo Spider-Man movie, and fans are hyped to watch Tom Holland reprise his role as the web-slinger. Moviegoers instantly fell in love with the talented youth after having seen him crush it in Captain America: Civil War and early reviews of Holland’s next appearance suggest viewers can expect a similar performance. With Michael Keaton playing the lead antagonist and Robert Downey Jr. taking on a support role, Spider-Man: Homecoming does promise to be a treat.

To celebrate our favorite wall-crawler’s solo MCU debut, we have, as we did when the future Avenger was revealed for in a trailer for the live-action Civil War movie, created an infographic that explores the history of Spidey’s costumes in live-action adaptations made for both television and the big screen.

The costume seems to be unchanged from the hero’s appearance in the MCU’s final Captain America movie, though there is a shabbier homemade version of the suit to look out for this time around.

As before, you can click the image below to view the full-res version of the infographic. If you like the infographic and are looking to share it, please do not hotlink the full-resolution image. You may either simply link to the post or download and re-upload the image to your medium of choice.

So, what’s your favorite Spider-Man costume? Sound off in the comment section below!

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