Upcoming Marvel Comic Cover Shows Captain America & Thor Kissing

As the old Marvel Comics multiverse edges ever closer to its  death and subsequent rebirth, hints as to what awaits us at the other end of this humongous overhaul have begun to surface. Marvel Entertainment just tweeted the cover of an issue set to be released in January of 2016, and we think its amazing.


For those unfamiliar with the relatively recent goings-on in the world of Marvel Comics,  the comics are undergoing a much-anticipated and long-overdue revamp, and leading the absorption of Marvel-616 and the Ultimate Universe into one Omniverse in the Secret Wars story arc. Said series is set to mark the end of the line for several characters from Marvel’s endless roster and a new beginning for many others, forming an “All-New, All-Different” Marvel.

Although Jane Foster’s Thor and Sam Wilson’s Captain America will be reprising their roles as Avengers after Secret Wars, it seems their relationship is set to take a pleasant turn. The tweet we mentioned earlier posted a awesome cover done by the talented Alex Ross showing the new Thor and Cap locking lips mid-air – doing a kiss-by, if you will.

All-New Thor, All-Different Cap

If your only exposure to the Marvel Universe has been through the MCU and its movies, you might be slightly confused right now. Marvel made some huge changes to the two legacy heroes before Secret Wars. After the original Thor, or “Odinson”, as he calls himself, loses the ability to wield Mjolnir, the mantle is taken over by a mystery women later revealed to be his love interest Jane Foster – the character played by Natalie Portman in the movies.  The new Thor is said to be more worthy of the might hammer and its powers than her Asgardian predecessor. Sam Wilson becoming Captain America is a simpler story of an aging Steve Rogers appointing a successor.

Even if business is all there is to Marvel’s diversification spree, one can’t help but applaud their bold decisions

Given the popularity of both characters pre-Secret Wars, it’ll be interesting to see how the prospect of the interracial match-up is received. Certain long-time fans might argue Marvel is going overboard trying to introduce racial and gender diversity in their universe, and they might even be true to an extent, but as long as said diversity doesn’t come in the way of quality storytelling, the complaints are bound to simmer down eventually.

Let’s not forget that Marvel is, first and foremost, a business, which needs to redefine itself to appeal to the new generation, and that is probably what inspired this course for the iconic superhero duo. However, even if business considerations are all there is to the publisher’s recent diversification spree, one can’t help but applaud Marvel for their bold decisions.

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