20+ Best Call of Duty: Warzone Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Learning the ropes in a new multiplayer game can be a bit overwhelming at times. This is even more apt for the battle royale genre, where the scale of the battlefield and its haphazardness tends to make your trek up the learning curve a tad slower. Activision’s popular new free-to-play BR game is no exception.

If you’re new to Call of Duty: Warzone and are looking to get a bit of a head start, you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a compilation of top tips and tricks for the game, more specifically for its Battle Royale mode, ranging from combat and strategy to the currency and inventory management.

Call of Duty Warzone battle royale best tips and tricks to win


  • When deploying at the beginning of a match, look downward for a faster descent or diagonally to cover more distance. Deploy your parachute early to glide to even greater distances. You can cut your chute to resume a faster downward or diagonal descent at any time. Just remember to deploy the chute once again before you hit the ground.
  • With your parachute deployed, you can hold the free-look button to look around while you glide to the ground. This helps you keep an eye on enemies dropping nearby. Knowing where the closest enemies is essential to surviving the early stages of a match or scoring some early kills.
  • For a few seconds after cutting your parachute, you can use your pistol while still airborne, shooting enemies out of the sky.


  • Remember to use the ping system to communicate your movements, point out enemies, or mark items or points of interest (such as Buy Stations) for your teammates.
  • If you ping an enemy directly (instead of marking the area around them), the ping (or “live ping“) will track their movement for a few seconds, even behind cover.

Combat and Strategy

  • If a teammate gets downed, throw a Smoke Grenade near them for a safer revive or to make it harder for the enemy to eliminate them.
  • Early in a match, try not to waste bullets on eliminating enemies unless you absolutely have to, such as when a downed enemy is crawling behind cover for a revive. You don’t want to get pushed by the remainder of their squad in the middle of a reload.
  • Past the early stages of a match, assume every enemy has a Self-Revive Kit. Eliminate downed enemies whenever you get the chance.
  • Weapons can be mounted to certain kinds of cover. You can use the same mechanic to lean around walls or pillars and peak out of windows.
  • Using three UAVs at the same time will activate a full-map “Advanced UAV” scan that will, for a limited time, reveal the locations of all enemies as well as the direction they are facing.
  • The Heartbeat Sensor is excellent for holding a building or keeping tabs on enemies in the final stages of the game.
  • Use slide, jump, and prone to make it harder for enemies to hit you. Slides and jumps are best used around cover both when pushing an enemy or trying to evade their shots. In close combat, quickly going prone has the potential to make enemies miss several shots for a short time, as they are usually aiming for your chest or head. Based on your opponent’s reflexes, that time may or may not be enough for you to down them, so this should only be used as a last resort, as it leaves you quite vulnerable.
  • You can help your teammates if you find yourself in the Gulag with them, calling out their opponent’s movements over voice chat or throwing rocks at the opponent to make their aim flinch.
  • If you see a redeployment flare over a Buy Station, pushing in its direction may get you some easy kills as whichever squad is using it is going to be at least one man down. You may not be the only squad closing in on them, however.
  • You can attach C4 to vehicles or even a Recon Drone to create a moving bomb, detonating the C4 when the vehicle or drone is near an enemy.

Contracts, Cash, and Inventory

  • In addition to being a healthy source of cash, Bounty Contracts are a great way of taking enemies out of the competition. Picking up one of these up marks the approximate location of an enemy and while they are alerted of the bounty, they won’t know which direction you’re coming from.
  • Recon Contracts reveal the location of the next circle on your Tac Map, but these may also attract enemies to your location, as the capture point sends up a flare as soon as your squad enters its vicinity.
  • Try to have at least $4500 saved at all times when playing squads, just in case one of your teammates goes down and you need to redeploy them at a Buy Station.
  • You can share cash with your teammates. If a teammate doesn’t have enough money to purchase a Killstreak, Self-Revive Kit, or Squad Buyback hop into your inventory and drop them some stacks.
  • Work toward purchasing a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station as soon as possible. If all three members of your squad pool their cash, you should be able to get a Loadout Drop fairly early in the match.
  • Self-Revive Kits are particularly useful in solos as you are immediately eliminated if you don’t have one.


  • If your squad is looking for a vehicle and happen to find a two-seater, your third member can manually climb onto the vehicle and they will stay on, even on bumpy terrain.
  • Plunder is a great place to practice with your loadout of choice and level up your weapons.
  • You can queue solo (or as a duo with a friend) by setting the Squad Fill option on the main menu to Don’t Fill.

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