The Arkade Blaster Motion Controller Aims to Make FPS Games More Immersive

Virtual Reality gaming may be inching its way toward mainstream audiences, with cheaper headsets and AAA titles the likes of Half-Life Alyx gracing the space, but it is far from being affordable. It isn’t just the headsets that cost a pretty penny; VR-ready PCs too tend to be prohibitively expensive for the average consumer.

It seems, though, that the price for immersion needn’t be that high, or so suggests a promising new gaming accessory called Arkade Blaster. Made for both PC and mobile platforms, though geared more toward the latter, this gun-shaped motion controller offers a fun new way to play shooting games, à la arcade titles of old.

Arkade Blaster motion controller for Android iPhone PC FPS games

The Arkade Blaster features a high-precision gyroscope to sense motion, Bluetooth connectivity, several remappable buttons, an analogue stick, haptic feedback, and a smartphone clasp that can be moved back and forth over a rail along the top. All this is packed into a sleek design with three variations up for grabs.

A free companion app for Android and iOS will allow users to remap buttons, adjust motion sensitivity, switch between 180-degree and 360-degree motion, and stream games from their PC to a smartphone.

As for compatibility, the controller supports PC, Android, and iOS as well as cloud gaming platforms GeForce NOW and Steam Link. It has been confirmed to work with top PC shooters and over 40 Android games, though a compatibility list for iOS titles hasn’t yet been shared.

The gadget is still in its infancy, however, having just kicked off its IndieGoGo campaign. The team behind the Arkade Blaster has finalized its prototypes, with YouTuber PewDiePie having shown one off in a recent video, and is ready to go into mass production as soon as the project hits its crowdfunding goals.

When it eventually hits the shelves, the Arkade Blaster will cost $150 a pop, but early adopters can shave 50% off that price, locking their orders in for $75.

The price, even after the discount, may seem a bit steep when compared to that of the average Bluetooth controller, but that’s not all the Arkade Blaster is. It isn’t simply an alternative to touchscreen controls; as what you’ll be paying for is an extra layer of immersion and a fresh way to experience shooters.

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