Twitter: How To Post A Thread Of Multiple Tweets In One Go

Twitter started as a microblogging platform for those who wanted their voices heard beyond their tightly knit group of friends on conventional social networks the likes of Facebook. It might have taken inspiration from the latter in a bid to become more social, but to this day, its primary focus remains consuming abridged news and concise takes on trending topics.

Even though the character limit on a single Tweet was recently increased from 140 to 280, users continue to find themselves posting followup Tweets to further elaborate on their points of view. A common way to do that is to post replies to one’s own Tweet, creating a thread that people can read in the order the Tweets were posted. While having to post each Tweet in a thread manually doesn’t sound like too much work, if you have a sizable following, you might want to post the entire thread in one go instead of sending out multiple notifications and leaving your followers hanging between each piece. Fortunately, Twitter recently added a feature to its web and mobile apps that lets you do just that. Here’s how that works.

1. On the Twitter website or within the mobile app, start composing a new Tweet. Type in your first Tweet.

2. Click or tap the “+” button in the bottom-right corner of the Compose new Tweet box to create a thread of two Tweets.

3. Continue pressing the “+” button to add more Tweets to the thread. Remember that you will have to type at least one character to the last Tweet to add another one.

4. To delete any Tweet from the thread, simply hit the trash can icon to its bottom-right on the website. On the mobile app, you will have to delete the text of the Tweet and then hit the small “X” to its right.

5. When your done composing your thread, simply hit the Tweet all button to post it.

As mentioned earlier, this feature is available on both the Twitter website as well as its apps for iOS and Android, so you can post multiple Tweets at once whether you are at home using your desktop or from the comfort of your smartphone while on the move.

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Sameed Khan

I write, game, design at times, and revel in sarcasm. You can find me on Twitter.