How To Find Ben Parker’s Grave In Spider-Man (PS4)

It’s been a few weeks since the release of Insomniac Game’s much anticipated Spider-Man game. The PlayStation 4 exclusive has been met with unanimous acclaim on publications throughout the web and is being called the new golden standard for games about everyone’s favorite wall-crawling superhero. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely already purchased a copy and worked your way through most of the game.

In fact, given the buckets of fun traversal is, it’s possible you’ve spent enough time web-swinging through the game’s rendition of New York city to snag almost every achievement it has to offer and are now in pursuit of that elusive platinum trophy. One particular achievement that might prove to be a hurdle in said pursuit is the “With Great Power…” trophy, which tasks players with paying their respects at Ben Parker’s grave. Unless you have a rough idea of where to look, it won’t be easy scouring the game’s large open world for Uncle Ben’s resting place. You needn’t fret, though, because in what follows, we will guide you right to it.

“Hey, Uncle Ben.”

How To Find Ben Parker’s Grave (“With Great Power…” Trophy)

.1. Press down on the touchpad to open up the map.

2. Scroll up to the very top of the map to find the Harlem neighborhood, then scroll to the area’s North-East (top-left) edge, and hit X to mark your destination around the same point as the one shown below.

3. Head on over to the marked location and you will find yourself in a graveyard. Press R3 as you look about and continue doing so until you find a highlighted gravestone. You might want to use the screenshot below as a reference.

4. Once you find the grave, simply walk up to it and hit Triangle to pay your respects.

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