PS5 DualSense vs PS4, Xbox One Controller [Side-By-Side Comparison]

While the PlayStation 5 itself is yet to be unveiled, we now finally know what the next-gen console’s controller will look like. Sony unveiled the new “DualSense” gamepad that will come packed with the PS5. The company says it has started shipping the controller to developers so they may incorporate its new features into their games.

Prime among these new offerings are haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, both of which serve to deepen immersion. The new haptic feedback system, Sony claims, will offer a broader range of feedback, with players will be able to feel the difference between “crashing into a wall in a race car” and “making a tackle on the football field.” Adaptive triggers will serve a similar function but by offering variable resistance to player input based on the action being performed, such as pulling back on a bow. Yesterday’s reveal was less about the controller’s new capabilities, however, and more about its design, with some major changes having been made this time around.

The first thing that catches the eye is the color scheme. Sony has broken its long-standing tradition of monochrome designs in favor of a futuristic two-tone aesthetic that is likely to ruffle some feathers. The design also does away with the classic colored etching for the action buttons, instead opting for clear buttons with grey etching. The light bar has been moved to the oblique sides of the touch pad, which seems to have gained a little extra real estate.

As for the form factor, Sony seems to have taken some cues from the competition. The grips, curved outward along the palm side and almost flat where the fingertips would rest, are very reminiscent of the Xbox One controller, as are the subtly slanted shoulder buttons and the clear action buttons mentioned earlier. The way the surface around the D-pad and the action buttons

Talking of shoulder buttons, these are noticeably wider than those on the DualShock 4. The same goes for the L2 and R2 triggers.

This drastic departure from previous generations is likely to be mirrored in the design of the console as well, which means we can expect a black and white color scheme aesthetic, possibly with a few slants and curves thrown in for good measure. Sony is yet to disclose a date for that particular unveiling, however.

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