Doom Eternal: How to Get the Secret Item in Fortress of Doom

Ripping and tearing may be the life blood of Doom Eternal, but it’s the detours and secrets that make it more than just a mindless shooter. A few of these are harder to find than others, and the payout doesn’t always justify the effort required, but that wouldn’t matter to a completionist now would it?

When you see that shiny question mark on the Tac Map or in plain sight, but right out of reach, you just have to go and get it. That goes doubly for the one that appears in the Doom Fortress, the game’s hub area, right before the final act. The secret item can be seen resting above the demonic Crucible powering the Doom Fortress. At first blush, there doesn’t seem to be a way to reach it, but a closer inspection of the room will reveal your path to the treasure.

Doom Eternal Fortress of Doom secret item

How to Get the Secret Item in Fortress of Doom

Time needed: 2 minutes

Here’s how to find the secret item above the demonic Crucible in the Fortress of Doom.

  1. In the room with the secret item, look for the red switch on one of the windows in the room.

    From the Mission Teleporter, walk toward the adjacent room with the demonic Crucible in the middle. You should be able to see the secret item right above the Crucible. With your back to the Mission Teleporter, look to the right of the room. You should see a red switch on the center window.

  2. Shoot the red switch.

    Shooting the switch will activate a jump pad just beyond the entrance to the room.

  3. Walk over the jump pad activated by the switch to enter the vent in the ceiling.

    The jump pad will propel you through an opening in the ceiling and into a vent that will take you right to the item.

  4. Drop down to the secret item through the opening at the other end of the vent.

    The secret item is a cheat code that fully upgrades the Praetor Suit.

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