How To Create Memoji (Custom Animoji) In iOS 12

Following a well-received beta testing cycle, iOS 12 finally found its way into the hands of the public today. Apple held off on introducing major changes with this update to better focus on performance and stability improvements, though there is more to it than under-the-hood tweaks, with the Cupertino giant adding a few new features and expanding upon others. One addition that promises to be popular with new users is the ability to create custom Animoji, or “Memoji,” as Apple calls them.

Memoji essentially offer a way for users to create their own avatars, which can then be used with iMessage and FaceTime, or saved to the Camera Roll and shared anywhere over the web. Of course, in the case of for-fun features such as these, usage is limited only by the user’s creativity. The Animoji lip-sync trend may have died out, but if those with a knack for doing impressions, for instance, are in for hours of fun with this new expansion.

If you just installed the update or just never got the chance to give the feature a whirl, continue reading to learn how it works. Note, however, that Memoji are only available on iPhones with Apple’s proprietary TrueDepth camera system, such as last year’s iPhone X and the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR.

1. Open the Messages app.

2. Jump into a message thread of choice and open the Animoji app by selecting it from the app bar below the message field. If the app bar isn’t already open, tap the iMessage apps icon beside the camera button.

Note: you can re-position the Animoji icon within the app bar by tapping and holding down on the bar to expand it and then holding down on and dragging the Animoji icon itself.

3. The Animoji app will now replace the keyboard. Swipe right, all the way to the beginning of the list of available Animoji and select the option to create a New Memoji.

4. Work your way through the available options to customize your Memoji to your heart’s content. Options and presets are organized into tabs below a preview of the Memoji. Here’s what you can customize in each tab:

  • Skin: skin tone and freckles
  • Hairstyle: hair color and style
  • Head shape: age and shape of chin
  • Eyes: eye color and shape
  • Brows: brow color and shape
  • Nose & Lips: nose shape; color and shape of lips
  • Ears: ear shape; earrings and their color
  • Facial Hair: sideburns; mustache and beard preset, color, and highlights
  • Eyewear: spectacles/glasses; frame and tint color
  • Headwear: hats/scarves/turbans and their color

5. Hit done to add the new Memoji to the Animoji app.

You can now choose the new Memoji from the list of Animoji and start recording.

To delete or edit an existing Memoji, switch to it and tap the “more” icon in the bottom-left corner.

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