How to Disable the News and Interests (Weather) Widget in Windows 10

A recent update to Windows 10 enabled the News and Interests feature for everyone. The new addition appears, by default, as a widget illustrating the weather in your region complete with current temperature and conditions. Hover over the icon and up comes a news feed filled with the top stories for the day, a more detailed look at the weather, and stock market updates. The feed can be tailored to your interests if you so desire.

If, however, you’re happy with the way you’ve been getting your daily news fix up until now, you might be looking for a way to turn the new feature off, if only to reduce the clutter in the taskbar. Fortunately, it only takes a couple of clicks to hide the widget. Here’s what you need to do.

How to Disable the News and Features Icon

  1. Right-click an empty space on the taskbar.

  2. Hover over News and interests and select Turn off.

This will completely hide the widget from your taskbar. If you’d rather keep it around, within the same menu, you’ll find other options to make the icon more compact and the pop-up a little less intrusive.

You can choose to remove the text in the icon by enabling the Show icon only option or disable the Open on hover option to avoid having the feed pop up accidentally as you move your mouse around the system tray.

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