Biomutant Tips and Tricks

The post-apocalyptic world of Biomutant is filled with adventure. Players control a customizable rodent-like creature with Kung-Fu Panda-like abilities and special powers. Since it’s an open-world RPG, there is a lot to do here, but you needn’t worry, as we have a whole bunch of tips below to help you sort through the noise and get the ball rolling.

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Starting Off

One of the best things about Biomutant is its customization. Players can customize their character from breed to genetic resistance. However, you do not need to worry too much about it even if your character turns out weaker than you expected. The game will continue to offer you so many ways to improve as you go along.

One thing to note is that each and every Biomutant becomes a machine by the end of the game. There are 6 races in the game: Primal, Dumdon, Rex, Hyla, Fip, and Murgel. Each race offers you a distinct bonus and its own unique abilities so you can pick according to your preferred taste.

After choosing a race, you will be presented with five classes to choose from. The first one is the Commando class; this class is all about ranged gunplay. The second class, Sentinel, is the opposite of Commando as it relies much more on close-range attacks. The Saboteur class is extremely good at stealth and the Psi-Freak class will give you the ability to control minds. The only balanced class is Dead-Eye.

I’d advise starting with the Saboteur class as it has high critical damage bonuses on both close-range attacks and gun battle.

Exploration Tips

Alright, time for some exploration tips! First of all, you should know that there is no fall damage in-game. This enables you to create shortcuts to your destination or quickly disengage from a fight.

Secondly, be sure to use the signposts, you should mark any signpost you see as otherwise, you won’t be able to fast-travel between regions. There are no other ways to fast-travel, so make it a habit.

There are different movement techniques in the game, which we suggest you unlock as soon as you can, like air gliders.

As you continue to explore, you will see pulsing white circles around the map – make sure to check these out! Generally, these locations have chests and you can find unique loot inside of them. Another way to earn extra material is to destroy any resource towers you find throughout the world.

Also be sure to do Mirage quests found throughout the game. These quests will award you with Automaton upgrades.

When you level up you will gain upgrade points, but you can earn even more upgrade points by attacking bandit camps around the map.

Biomutant’s aura system makes it so that as players continue to make their own choices throughout the game, they will either be sectioned into the light side or the dark side. These options will affect your gameplay greatly as NPC dialogues will change according to your choices and you will gain different psionic mutations based on these choices. Fret not, just because you chose the dark path doesn’t mean you’re evil – just… edgier. Minor note: if you are annoyed by the narrator, you can always lower the frequency with which narration is activated via the game’s audio settings.

Fights and Crafting

Since there is no lock-on feature in the game, try your best to focus your attacks on one enemy at a time to avoid being overwhelmed. Keep in mind that dodging and parrying is your best bet in defense so that your health doesn’t take a huge hit before you can defeat your enemies.

When it comes to crafting, you don’t need to visit vendors each and every time. Yes, vendors are very good for buying crafting material, however, as you explore the map, you will notice that the game offers you more than enough materials to craft with.

You can craft your own weapons and armor and towards the endgame, you can upgrade them. Do not discard your loot as you can dismantle these and earn crafting materials for free. You can craft everything from scopes to armor in the game, therefore relying on crafting rather than spending money is much more lucrative. If you do choose to sell your loot, you may earn green currency from vendors, which you can then use to buy other useful items for your journey.


There are six tribes in Biomutant, which constitute a faction system. When you start the game, though, you will only be able to choose one of two tribes. You can switch tribes later on.

With tribes come tribal wars, and these can be long and troublesome at times, though you can try to persuade a tribe to surrender after conquering two of their outposts. This will shorten the conflict and strengthen your tribe. Less war, more peace!

In Biomutant, each tribe has its own set of specific weapons. Be sure to complete tribe quests to unlock these weapons as sometimes they can be quite good (not to mention they look pretty cool). You’re afforded a wide range of weapons, from one-handed melee weapons to automatic rifles. Since each weapon will offer you a specific combo, make sure to try them all out.

Always keep in mind that your abilities and your weapons should complement each other if you are to get the most out of your build.

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