How to Create, Delete, or Rename Collections in Steam

Valve rolled out a major update to Steam’s Library interface today, featuring, among other things, a new way to organize your collection of games.

The aptly named “Collections” feature is quite easy to use, but for those having trouble figuring out how it works, we’re here to help.

How to Create Collections or Dynamic Collections

1. To create a new collection, switch to the Library tab and hit the grid icon to the top-right, next to the Home button.

2. From the right, select Create a New Collection.

3. Enter a name for your new collection, then hit Create Collection or Create Dynamic Collection to confirm.

Note: Dynamic Collections use filters to intelligently populate themselves as you add new games to your library.

Alternatively, you can right-click a game in the list to the left and select Add to > New Collection from the context menu.

How to Add or Remove Games to or from Collections

Drag a game out of the list on the left and you will be able to drop it into an existing collection or create a new one for it. You can drop the same game into multiple collections.

If the target collection is too high up or low down the list, you may drag your game over the blue “DRAG and HOLD HERE” box that appears at the top. This will display all your collections on the right, allowing you to drop the game into the desired one. Drag it over the “Create a New Collection” box to give it its own new collection.

You can also right-click games in the list on the left and select Add to to create a new collection for them or switch them to an existing collection.

To remove a game from a collection, simply right-click its title or thumbnail, select Remove from and choose the collection from which you want it removed. You can also drag and drop it onto the “Remove” red box at the top.

How to Delete or Rename Collections

1. Under Library, hit the grid icon to the right of the Home button on the Library screen.

2. Right-click a collection and select either Delete Collection or Rename Collection option.

You can also rename a collection from within its page, by hitting the edit icon next to its name at the top.

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