Apex Legends Shadowfall Tips & Tricks to Win

Apex Legends added a new limited-time mode as part of its “Fight or Fright” Halloween event. Called “Shadowfall,” the mode is set in a night-time variant of the game’s original map and tasks players with fighting through an unending onslaught of the undead to escape on an evac ship. 34 Legends drop solo into King’s Canyon and fight each other until only 10 are left. Legends who are killed return as undead “Shadows” to hunt the living and prevent the final 10 from getting onto the ship.

The asymmetric game mode can be a ton of fun, but it’s not easy. For those having trouble getting to that Evac Ship, hunting Legends as Shadows, or completing event tasks, we’re here to help. Following are a few tips and tricks to help you get better at Shadowfall.

Choose the Right Legend

If you’re looking to sneak an easy win, you can’t go wrong with Pathfinder, Octane, Mirage, or Wraith.

  • Pathfinder can make a zip to the Evac Ship from high-ground or grapple to it from a distance.
  • Octane can use his speed and jump pad for a quick escape.
  • Mirage can use his ultimate to sneak onto the ship unseen.
  • Wraith can phase to the ship through all harm, or use the speed boost she gets from laying down a portal to get herself and allies across the finish line.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to slay some undead, Wattson may be the single best choice. Her fences don’t just slow down Shadows, they also damage them. With enough fences between you and them, you may not even need to shoot at them. Setting up shop in a small house with few entrances will get you the best results. Keep in mind that Shadows can destroy fences, but they have to get in close for a melee hit. Caustic is another defensive option, but his traps take a split second to activate, which is usually enough to get you killed.

Drop Inside or Near First Ring

In Shadowfall, the map shows the first ring right at the beginning of the match. It may be a good idea to drop somewhere inside or near this zone, as you don’t want to be running away from both the undead and the shrinking ring later. It will also increase your chances of being near the Evac Ship when it appears.

Look for Blue Armor or Better

Shadows deal 158 damage per hit, which means a single hit from one will kill you unless you have a blue shield or better. A good shield will show its worth during the final phase, letting you tank an extra hit on your way to the Evac Ship.

Increase your chances of finding a better shield by dropping in an area with high-tier loot, destroying the loot spiders and zombies that spawn in supply bins, snagging a supply drop, or killing other Legends.

Kill Legends for Better Armor, Shadows to Replenish Health & Shields

Killing other Legends will at times spawn an armor right next to their death box along with ammo for the guns you’re using. The armor dropped is always better than the one that you’re using, until you upgrade to the gold shield or helmet, of course.

I’m still not sure what the conditions are for this, but it seems you need to have a white shield or helmet equipped at the time of the kill.

This is likely to encourage Legends to take fights and even the odds against any of their victims looking for a quick revenge kill.

There’s an incentive to kill Shadows as well, with each kill replenishing 25 shields or 25 health, if shields are full.

Fighting off or Hiding from Shadows

Shadows can spot Legends from a distance with their heat vision. If you plan on hiding, avoid open spaces, and stay clear of doors and windows when hiding inside a compound. Speaking of doors, keep them closed at all times. Shadows can’t open doors. They can destroy them, but that will give away their position and give you time to take them out.

The EVA-8 and R-99 are two of the easiest weapons to use against the Shadows. The former can one-shot any that get too close to you while the latter can make quick work of them at medium-to-close range.

When Shadows are chasing you, try to make your way to a more open area so you can spot them coming at you from a distance. Don’t stay too close to buildings or cover unless you’re setting up defenses with Wattson or Caustic. Take high ground if you can.

When shooting at a Shadow with an automatic weapon, keep in mind their higher movement speed. Shoot in bursts if you aren’t confident with your tracking – the last thing you want is to have to reload.

Hunting Legends as a Shadow

As a Shadow, a good rule of thumb is to take high ground and drop onto unsuspecting Legends. It is the easiest way to land a kill. Note that as a Shadow, you can climb walls indefinitely or until you hit an obstacle.

I’m Batman.

Shadows make quite a bit of noise when dropping in and jumping. You may want to land a few clicks behind a Legend unless they are in a fight and jump only if needed.

When facing one or more Legends head on, leverage your speed and higher jumps to dodge their shots and move around cover until you’re closer to them. Remember that you only have 30 health.

If you see a Legend reloading, make a beeline for them, pairing a slide with a jump to get more distance.

Farming Shadow Kills with Wattson

Looking to farm some Shadow kills? Pick Wattson, and set up a base near the center of the first ring, preferably inside a small compound with few entrances. Put your fences down in an cross or triangular pattern starting with a straight line covering any entrances. When the Evac Ship appears, move to a compound near it and set up shop once again.

Moving for the Evac Ship

As soon as the evac timer starts counting down, move to a spot near the landing zone. If you’re playing with a Wattson or Caustic, start laying down fences and traps, otherwise, you may want to hide indoors, staying clear of windows and doors.

If you find yourself far away from the landing zone, try to group up with the nearest Legends and fight your way to it.

Evac Ship Locations

Reddit user DaFreshestAce has put together a map of common Evac Ship locations. It may not cover all possible landing zones, but it’ll give you a good idea of where to go based on the first ring.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • All Shadow deaths are marked with red skull icons on the map while all Legend deaths are marked by white ones. Your last death is marked on the map by with a red spiral.
  • Another way to get Shadow off your back is to “patrol” a zipline. To do so, simply ride the zipline it to one end, jump and turn around, latch on to it again, and repeat. Shadows will have to follow you on the zipline and get close enough to jump and land a melee hit. This should give you enough time to take them down with an assault rifle or SMG.
  • You can continue racking up Shadow kills even after you’ve boarded the Evac Ship. Chuck some grenades below you to scatter camping Shadows and make way for other Legends.
  • After you make it to the final 10, even if one Legend makes it to the ship and you don’t, it will count as a win toward the “Win as both a Shadow and a Legend” task as long as you don’t leave before the match ends.
  • Only Legends killed when playing as a Legend count toward your overall stats and Daily Tasks.
  • Sooner or later, you’re bound to come across Legends looking to team up at the beginning of the game. Players looking to get friendly will usually walk up to you and spam the crouch button or fire into the air. Teaming in a solo mode is frowned upon, so you may score a few points with the gaming gods if you choose to take them out.
  • You can trade with a Shadow. It’s rare but you can be killed by a melee hit from a Shadow just as you kill them.

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