Fallout 76: Can’t Interact with the Purveyor (Legendary Vendor)? Here’s a Fix

Fallout 76 has come a long way since its release in late 2018, but considering how rocky its release was, it’s no surprise the online RPG is still plagued by a number of game-breaking bugs. Among these glitches is one that has players unable to trade with Purveyor Murmrgh – the friendly Mole Miner who sells legendary weapons, armor, and modules over at The Rusty Pick.

Not being able to trade your daily haul of legendary scrip with the vendor can be particularly annoying as she is the only one of her kind. It’s unclear why it happens, but when it does, players find themselves unable to interact with the Purveyor, with even server-hopping unable to resolve the issue, though the legendary exchange machine across from her continues to work just fine. Fortunately, there is a way around this – it isn’t a permanent fix but it’ll get the job done.

Fallout 76 Purveyor legendary vendor bug

All you need to do is switch to third-person view. On PC, the default key for switching POV is ‘V’ while on PS4 and Xbox One, it is the touchpad button and View button respectively. You should now be able to trade with the vendor.

It seems the glitch causes the vendor to move a few inches away from the counter. It’s possible switching to third-person perspective slightly increases the range from which you can interact with objects and NPCs, which in turn allows you to interact with the Purveyor.

Thankfully, the problem does eventually resolve on its own, but there’s no telling when that may be. In the interim, this little workaround should get you your daily fix of legendary loot.

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