Download, Install iPhone XS, XS Max Live Wallpapers On Any Android Device

Following the release of the iPhone X last year, we got our hands on the Live wallpapers exclusive to the tenth anniversary iPhone and showed you how to port them over to your Android device. With Apple’s latest flagship duo – the iPhone XS and XS Max – now out and about, the fancy new soap bubble Live wallpapers that come packed with them too are available to download. As before, we will be walking you through how to get the new wallpapers on your Android device. Apple’s mobile operating system and its somewhat restrictive ways may not be to your liking but who’s to say that you wouldn’t enjoy a taste of the company’s acclaimed design aesthetic through the gorgeous stock wallpapers that they package with each of their devices?

The experience will, of course, not be the same as it is on the iPhone XS or XS Max. Although Android is home to much more powerful offerings when it comes to Live wallpapers, having had a few years lead over iOS in said department, our current solution involves plain and simple video playback. We did alter the video files to have them loop seamlessly, however, which should make for a better experience than simply using the original video files.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

1. Download the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max Live wallpapers in video form via the link below. You can download the video files directly to your Android device.

Download iPhone XS, XS Max Live Wallpapers [Google Drive]

Note: We’ve edited all Live wallpapers so they appear to loop seamlessly and added two bonus Live wallpapers that combine the three offerings in each pack.

2. On your Android device, install Video Live Wallpaper from the Google Play Store, then launch it from the homescreen or app drawer.

Download Video Live Wallpaper [Play Store]

3. Within the app, tap Gallery and select one of the video files that you copied over to your device.

4. Ensure that the Loop Video and Keep Aspect Ratio options are enabled.

5. Hit Set Live Wallpaper, then select Set wallpaper from the screen that follows.

6. Double-tap an empty space on the homescreen to pause the Live wallpaper’s looping video playback, and double-tap again to resume.

That’s all there is to it. Your Android device can now make use of Live wallpapers exclusive to the iPhone XS and XS Max!

To get the same great wallpapers on an older iPhone, check out: Download iPhone XS, XS Max Live Wallpapers On Your Older iPhone.

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