How To View, Manage Your Uploads Queue On PS4

The PlayStation 4 firmware has gone through quite a few updates in the time it has been around, with it sitting on version 6.00 as of this writing. While the console’s user interface isn’t all that hard to navigate, every now and then, an update to it may shift certain elements around, and unless you read the patch notes, there is a chance you may lose track of them.

The separate sections for upload and download queues, for instance, were seemingly nixed when the Notifications area received an overhaul that had all alerts displayed in a single list. Both downloads and uploads are still managed in separate lists; the UI simply doesn’t keep them at the forefront. While current downloads now appear as persistent notifications at the top of the Notifications area, uploads happen to have taken a backseat, and are queued up behind the scenes. What if you had to view upload progress or cancel ongoing uploads, you may ask? It might not be a recurring requirement after the occasional sharing of a screenshot over social media, but what if you were to queue multiple video uploads? The solution, thankfully, is quite straightforward.

1. On the PlayStation 4 home screen, hit the up button to jump into the function area, and select Notifications from the available options.

2. While within the Notifications area, hit the Options button.

3. Select Uploads from the Options menu that appears to view the uploads queue.

Once inside the Uploads queue, in addition to viewing progress, you can choose to cancel or pause uploads as before. You’ll find a similar option for downloads in the same menu.

A unified Notifications area certainly has its benefits over the tabbed interface that was in place before, but having the uploads queue hidden away inside the Options menu makes for an odd user experience. You may not require to manage uploads all that often, but the first time you do, you may be forgiven for having trouble finding your way to the queue. At least now you know your way back to it if you ever find the need to cancel or pause another upload.

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Sameed Khan

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