Get Android P Pixel Launcher On Any Oreo Device [APK Download]

A port for the Pixel Launcher that comes packed with the first Android P developer preview that works with all Android Oreo devices is now available. You can download the APK here.

Google recently pulled the wraps off of its latest Android update, with the first developer preview of Android P now available to download for its Pixel line of smartphones. If the historically turbulent relationship between Android OEMs and software updates is anything to go by, those currently using anything other than a Google-branded Android device would be lucky to get their hands on the latest flavor of Android by the end of this year. If your device is a year old, or older, you may very well never see the update.

In fact, those with older Google-branded Android are to be left out to dry as well, with software support for Nexus devices and the Pixel C tablet having officially been discontinued. If you own one of the aforementioned devices, or simply don’t want to risk installing an unfinished firmware update on your daily driver, you should know that there is an easy way to get a taste of Android P on your device right now. Android may be weighed down by fragmentation and delayed updates, but those with a keen eye can always find workarounds courtesy of the platform’s stellar developer community.

Developers have, as is their wont, begun porting Android P features and apps for use with other devices, with the Android P launcher already available for download. The port is compatible with all devices running Android Oreo and all it requires is that you uninstall any previous versions of Pixel Launcher.

There aren’t any major changes to be had here, though – only minor cosmetic tweaks, such as rounded corners and a transparent dock, but if you’re determined to test out the latest and greatest from Google, this port is a good place to start. You can download the APK from the link provided below.

Download Android P Pixel Launcher APK [XDA-Developers]

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