DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal: Everything You Need To Know [Summary]

After a tiny teaser that revealed Doom Eternal to the world at this year’s E3, Bethesda and id Software took the QuakeCon 2018 stage yesterday to provide us with an in-depth look at the game with several minutes of the gory, high-adrenaline, rip-and-tear gameplay that we’ve all come to expect from the series.

The footage reveals quite a few ways in which the sequel to 2016’s Doom reboot aims to improve upon the original. In what follows, we take a look at major additions and changes coming to the game.

Retractable Blade

First up, the protagonist, our friendly neighborhood Doomguy – or Doom Slayer, as he’s called now – will be toting a retractable blade in his left gauntlet – very reminiscent of the Predator’s blades, though at this point, it seems more of a cosmetic change than one that will add value to the gameplay – a substitute for his fists to be shown in melee Glory Kills.

New Weapons, Meat Hook

Next up, we were given a look at new as well as modified weapons, including the Ballista, which is basically an over-sized crossbow that shoots explosive bolts, and an even jucier variant of the fan-favorite Super Shotgun that has a grappling hook – or “Meat Hook,” as they’re calling it – attached to its bottom. The Meat Hook can be used to latch onto an enemy, after which players can either pull themselves toward the enemy or unlatch mid-pull to get around the stage. I’d personally like to see smaller enemies pulled toward the player when grappled, and vice versa for larger ones. Of course, it’s entirely possible that the game does offer that option.

Multiplayer Invasions

There’s a new, exciting, Dark Souls-like multiplayer element that will allow other players to invade your single-player campaign as demons, though, as Bethesda assures fans, this feature can be turned off if you’d rather only play against the AI.

New Demons

And then, of course, we have new demons to kill, including the Arachnatron, Pain Elemental, and Arch-Vile making a return from the classic Doom 2, as well as all-new additions such as a new arch-nemesis of the protagonist, and the Marauder, which, as Bethesda points out, holds quite a resemblance to the Doom Slayer. Apparently, there’s a story behind the latter – it seems there’s a bit of lore to delve into this time around.

Destructible Demons

Talking of demons, a new gameplay mechanic id Software is calling “Destructible Demons” will display damage on the character models of enemies as you empty your clips into them. This was best showcased by a portion of the gameplay footage that showed what seemed to be a Baron of Hell persevering through a particularly rough day with fire seeping out of his wounds.

Slayer Parkour

The Slayer seems to have become more limber as well. He’s picked up a couple of new parkour skills in his time off before the sequel, as he can be seen swinging across poles and climbing certain walls with his bare hands.

The Crucible’s Glowing Red Sword

Arguably the best part of the entire gameplay reveal was when the Arch-Vile makes a grand entrance, seething in flames, as our hero reaches down into his fanny pack to retrieve what is likely the Crucible from the end-game of 2016’s Doom, and from its tip, summons a glowing red sword akin to Kylo Ren’s lightsaber (pictured above), making the crowd go wild.

All of this, and a tad more, can be seen in our video summary below.

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