Apple September 9 iPhone 6s Event Rumor Roundup: What To Expect

Just two days to go till Apple’s big ‘Hey Siri’ event and the rumors are still coming in. While the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are expected to garner the most attention, the 4th-generation Apple TV isn’t far behind, but those aren’t the only two iDevices rumored to be on the event’s agenda. Reports around the web claim the iPad mini 4 and the oft-rumored, completely new iPad Pro are all set to make an appearance as well. If you’re wondering what the event will have to offer and haven’t been able to keep up with the countless rumors throughout the past month, read on for a summary of salient leaks and reports for the devices that are expected to be announced come September 9.


The rumors and leaks here have been compiled using several reports from 9to5Mac and MacRumors.

iPhone 6s & iPhone 6s Plus Rumors

iPhone-6s-6s-Plus GeekCosmos

‘3D Touch’ Display With Tri-Level Force Touch

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have been rumored to feature screens with the next generation of Apple’s pressure sensitive Force Touch technology. The new setup, said to be labeled the ‘3D Touch’, will be able to sense three levels of pressure – a tap, a press and a deep-press – instead of the two supported by the current technology found in the Apple Watch and MacBook trackpad.

A9 Processor & 2GB RAM

The new phones are expected to come with the latest in Apple’s SoC, the A9 CPU, and 2GB of RAM, which means faster processing and tolerance for greater load. A leaked Geekbench 3 benchmark shows the A9’s processing prowess scoring 20-30% higher than its predecessor, the A8.

Improved Front-Facing Camera With Software Flash, Slow-Mo & Panorama Support

There seems to be a new, 5 MP FaceTime camera sensor on the menu with support for new features, including slow-mo video recording, panoramic selfies and the native ability to emulate a flash by lighting up the screen.

Improved Rear Camera With 4K Video Recording Support

For the first time since the iPhone 4s, the rear camera’s resolution might be getting an upgrade. The new iSight sensor is to sport a 12 MP resolution and support for 4K UHD video recording.

Greater Chassis Thickness & Improved Materials

The new body will be thicker and made of the same 7000 series aluminium alloy that encases the Apple Watch and is, in Apple’s own words, “60 percent stronger than standard alloys”. This reinforces the authenticity of another alleged leak that shows the new chassis holding up much better in a bend test than its predecessor. Hopefully, this means we won’t see a repeat of last year’s bendgate fiasco.

Rose Gold Color Option

Apart from the usual collection of color options, namely Space Gray, Silver and Gold, the new generation of iPhones will be getting a Rose Gold color option, similar in appearance to the Apple Watch variant by the same name.

watchOS-Like Motion Wallpapers

Another feature that the iPhones might be borrowing from the Apple Watch is a collection of animated wallpapers similar to the Motion watch faces found in watchOS.

Improved NFC & Cellular Chipsets

Rumors suggest a new NFC chip that’ll make Apple Pay transactions more secure and an improved RF transceiver that will double possible LTE download speeds.

Pricing, Models & Release Date

The devices are expected to come in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB flavors priced at $199, $299 and $399 respectively for the on-contract iPhone 6s, and at $299, $399 and $499 respectively for the on-contract 6s Plus. Both phones should be available for pre-order on the 11th of September and for sale on the 18th.

4th-Gen Apple TV Rumors

Apple-TV-4-rumors GeekCosmos

iOS 9 Core With New UI & Universal Search

The new Apple TV is said to sport an iOS 9 core and a revamped interface to match. A new universal search capability search will allow users to search through the entire system and all apps from one place. The current speculation about the rumored feature is that it is a derivative of the upcoming ‘Proactive’ search feature that Apple will introduce with iOS 9 as a competitor to Android’s Google Now.

Siri Integration

Multiple reports popping up since before WWDC 2015 point to the introduction of the deep Siri integration in Apple TV 4, which means users should be able to perform a myriad of actions, such as searching for movies or controlling playback using voice commands.

Dedicated App Store

The latest generation of Apple’s set-top box might finally get its very own SDK and dedicated App Store, allowing developers to develop and users to install third-party apps onto the device.

Redesigned, Motion-Sensitive Remote

The new remote is rumored to be black, with a trackpad at the top, a volume rocker and two tactile buttons for Home and Siri at the bottom. Additionally, the remote will allow motion-sensitive control and will interface with the Apple TV over Bluetooth instead of IR.

Third-Party Bluetooth Game Controller Support

With the introduction of third-party apps and a motion-sensitive remote, it seems Apple is gunning for a place in the casual gaming market with the 4th-gen Apple TV. Almost as if to drive that point home, a report alleges that the upgrade will come with support for third-party Bluetooth game controllers.

A8 Processor, No 4K Support, Same Ports, Bulkier Body

It looks like the latest Apple TV will be making a huge jump from the last gen’s A5 CPU to the much more powerful A8. The ports on the device will remain the same, however, and users won’t be getting 4K video streaming support. The chassis, this time around, is said to be a tad taller and larger than the last iteration.

Pricing, Models & Release Date

The price of the new generation is making quite the steep climb from the $69 that its predecessor is worth. Apple will either release 8GB and 16GB variants of the device priced at $149 and $199 respectively, or a single, 16GB model with a $149 pricetag in this October.

iPad Pro Rumors


Screen Size & Resolution

While the design of the body is said to follow along the same lines as its most recent siblings, the iPad Pro’s screen is allegedly a 12.9-inch monster with a 2732 x 2048 pixel resolution.

A9X Processor

The pro-flavored tablet will don a new A9X SoC, which is expected to provide it a barrel worth of additional processing power compared to the A8X CPU in the iPad Air 2.

3D Touch Support & Force Touch-Enabled Stylus

Like the new iPhones, the iPad Pro will come with next-gen Force Touch and a completely new stylus that will likely take advantage of the three-tier pressure-sensitive technology. Initially believed to be bundled with the tablet, the Force Touch-enabled stylus, as per a new report, will be sold separately.

Stereo Speakers & USB-C Ports

The device has been rumored to sport a pair of stereo speaks at the top and another at the bottom. Another rumor suggests it might come with USB-C ports as well.

Apple-Branded Keyboard Accessory

Apple is reportedly working on an official keyboard accessory for the iPad Pro, which should be available for purchase on the Apple Store once the device hits the stores.

iOS 9.1 Out Of The Box

The new device will come with the iOS 9.1 incremental update, which is said to improve upon iPad-only multitasking features, such as picture-in-picture video and split-screen apps, among other things.

Pricing, Models & Release Date

iPad Pro is allegedly set for a November launch. The tablet will have a 64GB base model, and LTE-capable variants priced as high as Apple’s newest lineup of MacBooks. Further details for pricing and storage variants are as yet unknown.

iPad mini 4 Rumors



Support For Split-Screen Apps

From the current pool of iPads, iOS 9 only supports the Windows 8-like split-screen multitasking feature on the more-powerful iPad Air 2. If rumors are to be believed, come September 9, the tablet-exclusive feature will make its way to both the iPad Pro and the new iPad mini.

Improved Rear Camera, A8 Processor & 2GB RAM

Early rumors allege the iPad mini 4 will adopt much of the iPad Air 2’s hardware specs, including an A8 processor, 2GB of RAM and the 8 MP iSight camera for the rear.

Thinner Body

The iPad mini’s chassis is said to have been slimmed down to match the svelte form of the iPad Air 2.

New Apple Watch Sport Bands

A new range of colors for the Apple Watch Sport Band are set to be revealed at the event.

4-Inch iPhone 6c & Discontinuation Of iPhone 5c

While the iPhone 5c is expected to be discontinued, there have been reports of a 4-inch iPhone 6c in development, but it seems the latter isn’t scheduled for an unveiling at the September 9 event.

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