Apex Legends Deja Loot Best Item Locations

The latest Apex Legends event, System Override, kicked off a couple days ago, with an all-new limited-time game mode in tow. Called Deja Loot, the mode features fixed loot spawn locations, with each spot on the map spawning the same items for the duration of the event.

As one would expect, the game’s community is already on the case – mapping out the best loot locations on World’s Edge. The first comprehensive offering comes in the form of a visual guide, courtesy of magnanimous Reddit user Skovosity. It’s a work in progress but one that offers more than enough information for those looking to get a bit of a head start going into the new mode. Update: there’s now an interactive map available for Deja Loot, complete with support for the King’s Canyon variant of the limited-time mode.

World’s Edge

The aforementioned visual guide for the World’s Edge flavor of Deja Loot started as a collation of Level 3 (purple), Level 4 (gold), and Evo Shield locations. As of this writing, it includes care package locations as well, with the poster currently working on adding all gold items. If you’re just getting started with the new mode, or are looking for new spots to raid, this visual guide is good to keep handy.

You may want to bookmark Skovosity’s Reddit post and check back on it occasionally for new item locations.

Of course, shields and gold attachments aren’t everything. What you want is a looting route that yields your go-to loadout:

  • If you prefer using the R-301 along with the Peacekeeper, for example, a good drop point would be the train in Skyhook, where you can find both a Peacekeeper and a gold (Level 4) Body Shield to boot. As for the R-301, you’ll find that on the roof of the building closest to the train station.
  • If an R-99-Wingman combo is more your speed, head on over to Overlook, starting from the building at the center to pick up a purple (Level 3) armor and moving to the one at the West end of the compound to pick up the Wingman and R-99.
  • On the East end of the biggest building in Refinery, you’ll find both an R-99 and Level 3 Extended Light Mag. The compound also spawns a Prowler with the Selectfire attachment and a Level 3 Extended Heavy Mag, though not all in the same place. There is another Level 3 Extended Light Mag in the small, three-building compound North of Refinery.
  • Land in Survey Camp to pick up a purple (Level 3) Body Shield in the North building, an R-99 in the Supply Bins at the center of the compound, an R-301 in the South-East building, and a Level 2 Extended Light Mag in the East trailer.

Remember that while the loot locations will remain constant through to the end of the event, the path of the drop ship as well as the final ring change on a daily basis. Also, the second week of the event will have Deja Loot make its way to King’s Canyon. We expect the community will have a fresh visual guide ready for the original map soon after it is made available. Update: and, of course, the community did not disappoint.

King’s Canyon

There is now a fleshed out interactive map available to those struggling to find good looting routes in Deja Loot. The map shows known loot spawn locations for guns, armor, and attachments for King’s Canyon, just as it did for World’s Edge. You can filter out whatever items you don’t want to see from the options menu above and highlight a particular item from the menus at the bottom. There seem to be a few key loot locations missing from the map at the time of writing, though that is likely to change soon. Check the interactive map out for yourself.

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