Top 100+ Apex Legends Tips And Tricks [Mega Guide]

Battle royale games aren’t the easiest to master given the multitude of variables playing a part in each individual bout and Respawn’s Apex Legends is no exception. If anything, the game further adds to the chaos that is BR with its roster of differing characters, each with a unique set of abilities.

Guides for the game are scattered all over the web, but these can only help you if you know exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re new to the game or simply haven’t been able to identify what has you struggling with the game, what you need is a compilation of tips and tricks, like the one below.

General Tips

  • While deploying, dive by looking down and holding forward to get a downward speed boost. To travel further while maintaining respectable speed, keep your dives brief – pull up and then dive again soon after your legend comes out of the diving animation. Note that your descent will be slowed whenever you aren’t diving.
  • For a faster drop, if possible, deploy from the dropship when you are within 450-500 meters of your intended drop zone and dive all the way down. Bring up the map and ping where you want to drop at the beginning of the match to view your distance from the drop zone.
  • If you are new to the game, it may be a good idea to pass Jumpmaster to a teammate and stick to them after you are done looting.
  • While deploying, hold down the freelook (aim-down-sights) button and look around to keep an eye on enemies near you. This is vital info to have at the beginning of a match.
  • If you aren’t the Jumpmaster, hold the interact button to split from your team a couple seconds before you land for a more accurate drop. The game tends to overshoot if you don’t, sending you flying off buildings and into walls.
  • Do not land in the same building as an ally unless several enemies are landing around you. There isn’t always enough loot to share in one spot.
  • Jumping roughly half a second after a slide (crouching while running) yields a small speed boost. You need to have been running for two to three seconds to gain momentum off of a slide-jump. You can’t slide immediately after an abrupt change in direction.
  • You can heal and recharge shields while sliding, jumping, or mid-air. You can’t heal while redeploying or using ziplines. Use this to save time while moving from ring to ring or running away from enemies, popping healing items while sliding down hills or jumping off tall buildings.
  • You are an easy target while traveling on a zipline. Hitting jump followed by interact again will make you harder to hit while staying on the zipline.
  • Always try to ping where you’re headed if you’re leading the way. Apex Legends is a team game that requires constant communication. If you head off on your own and your teammates are even five seconds behind you when you pick a fight, you are likely to lose it, and you will have only yourself to blame.
  • Move while crouching to muffle your footsteps. This is best used to ambush enemies.
  • Shield Cells and Batteries charge faster than Syringes and Medkits can heal, so prioritize charging your shield first. It is usually a good idea to have Shield Cells or Batteries selected from the healing item dial. Also, a healed shield may deter enemies from pushing you, even if your health is low as there is no way for them to tell.
  • It is faster to use one Shield Battery (5 seconds) than using two or more Shield Cells (3 seconds each). Similarly, using a Medkit (8 seconds) is faster than using two or more Syringes (5 seconds each) and Phoenix Kits (10 seconds) heal faster than a Shield Battery and Medkit combined. However, it is always better to use Syringes and Cells outside of battles, saving the rest for when enemies are nearby.
  • You can usually out-heal the damage ticks from the first two rings. If you are knocked down outside the ring after round 2 (or later), however, you won’t be able to get a heal off after being revived unless you have a gold (Level 4) shield or are revived using a gold (Level 4) backpack.
  • On PC, you can set separate keys for each kind of healing item so you don’t have to open up the selection dial every time.
  • While climbing, simply look toward a gripping point (such as a ledge or the top of a pillar) to hold on to it.
  • Falling from significant height slows your movement speed down to crawl for a little over a second. Melee a wall or object just before you hit the ground to cancel or reduce the effects of the “fall stun.”
  • There are no ideal PC settings for the game, though professional players tend to turn graphical settings down to low to maximize frames per second and keep mouse sensitivity on the lower side as well.
  • The color of the revive meter changes when reviving or being revived with a gold (Level 4) backpack. Knowing you’ll be revived with half HP and shields versus the usual 30% HP allows you the opportunity to get right back in the fight.
  • To get the best possible loot from a cargo bot (loot drone) in World’s Edge, aim down sights at the top of the drone and shoot when the color of package turns gold. The color always turns blue before it cycles to gold. One, well-placed shot should do the trick. Remember not to stand directly below the drone as it crashes as it explodes and deals damage when it falls to the ground.
  • You can tell which cargo bots have a vault key – a few of the light panels on the package it carries will be red.
  • With a vault key in your inventory, you can open the map to locate all vaults. Vaults that are unopened will be marked with a closed padlock icon.
  • From within the Legends tab, you can set character skins of your choice as favorites, and then select the “Random Favorite” option to have the game randomly cycle between them with each game.
  • When you open up your inventory, you can also see an overview of the items your allies have equipped in the bottom-left corner. This includes the helmet, armor, knockdown shield, and backpack they have as well as the types of ammo their equipped weapons are using.
  • When low on ammo for one of your weapons, open your inventory and ping the weapon to let your allies know, and they just might drop you some.
  • You can tell the difference between a Lifeline Care Package and a neutral supply drop. Lifeline’s is blue and white in color while neutral supply drops are red and white. The former is also faster to hit the ground than neutral supply drops.
  • You can re-roll individual daily challenges in exchange for Legend Tokens by selecting them from the matchmaking screen.
  • While in a match, you can switch the skin on a weapon dropped by another player to your loadout. Here’s how.

Combat Tips

  • Read what each weapon attachment does carefully. This will help you understand what attachments are more favorable for which guns. A barrel stabilizer, for instance, may be better with a submachine gun, assault rifle, or light machine gun than a Longbow DMR, for instance.
  • If you’re just starting out or struggling to find a go-to loadout, you may find the R-301, G7 Scout, Spitfire, Triple Take, Charge Rifle, and EVA-8 easier to handle than the other weapons in the game. This may, of course, change in future updates.
  • There is no ideal weapon loadout. The definition may vary based on each player’s preference or play-style and weapons change with each update to the game. There are some that have remained favorites over the past several updates, such as the R-99, Wingman, G7 Scout, and Peacekeeper. If the current favorites don’t tickle your fancy, you may want to aim for a balanced loadout that caters for both mid-range bouts and close combat – such as a Flatline paired with an R-99.
  • If you reload your gun with a few bullets left in the mag or one in the chamber, you will reload faster.
  • If you spot an enemy before they spot you, take a moment to alert your teammates of their presence (by double-pinging their location or using the “Enemy Here” function) before you start shooting. It takes a fraction of a second, and will aid your team in attacking as a unit.
  • During a fight, use voice chat to let your teammates know when you’ve dealt substantial damage to an enemy. Players customarily make such callouts when they’ve dealt enough damage to “break” or “crack” an enemy’s shields, found them to have no shields to begin with, or have them retreating with a couple shots worth of health. This is invaluable information that can help your teammates decide whether to chase down the enemy team or play defensively. Much of everything else can be communicated through pings, but your teammates can’t see the damage you’re dealing to the enemy.
  • Aiming down sights increases your accuracy but will slow you down. In close-quarters combat, you may want to switch to hip fire and strafe from side to side. This is especially pertinent when using shotguns as it allows you to deal massive damage following a quick peek around a corner.
  • If your armor is severely damaged or completely depleted during battle, you may want to risk finishing off a downed enemy and quickly swap to theirs, especially if there is a chance you will be pushed before you are able to heal up your shield. Swapping shields is always better if the enemy has the same or higher-level armor, as by doing so, you will be saving your Shield Cells and Batteries.
  • You can also perform a Finisher on downed enemies to refill your shield, though this makes you even more vulnerable.
  • You can cancel a Finisher within the first two seconds of the animation. You should see the cancel command on screen when you begin a Finisher.
  • Hold high ground for a fight whenever possible. Doing so gives you a better view of the enemy and makes it harder for them to burst you down.
  • Stand in front of closed doors while healing or after having being downed to block out enemies. It is important to be standing right up against the door to prevent it from being opened from the other side.
  • If an enemy player is blocking a door, you can melee it twice to destroy it. The melee attack animation has quite a bit of follow-through, though, and could leave you open to a counter-attack. If you have no choice but to get through the door, it is mostly better to drop a grenade at its base. A thermite is best for this, as it may land a few ticks of damage on the enemy as they try to back away from the door.
  • Energy ammo isn’t slowed by drag and has the highest flight velocity. This means that shots from an energy weapon will reach their target faster and that you won’t have to lead your shots as much as you would with light or heavy weapons.
    All ammo types slow down enemies slightly on impact.
  • Sniper scopes have rangefinders built in that tell you how far away your target is, in meters. At over 100 meters away, you will have to adjust your shot for bullet drop. At 200 meters, for instance, you will use the number 2 mark below the center of the cross hairs. At 150 meters, aim roughly between the center and the number 2 mark.
  • Not all sights have rangefinders. Another way to get a rough estimate of your distance from the target is to ping it and view the distance of the ping.
  • You can increase your chances of getting kills by joining an ongoing firefight between two other squads, preferably when it is in full swing. This is commonly referred to as “third-partying.”
  • If while engaging an enemy squad, you are attacked by a third party, one of the legends on your squad will automatically alert the others with a voice line. In such a situation, it may be wise to regroup with your teammates if you’ve been separated.
  • After a fight or between engagements, remember to reload both your guns.
  • You can shoot door handles with certain guns to open closed doors. These include the Wingman and some sniper rifles.
  • Climbing, switching, or healing in the middle of reloading a gun doesn’t cancel the reload animation completely. Whenever you switch back to the gun, the animation will restart from roughly where it left off. This can be used to save time going in and out of battle.
  • Always try to have at least one stack of ordinances (Frag Grenades, Thermite Grenades, or Arc Stars) in your inventory as they are highly beneficial in a fight, especially when you are pushing an enemy squad. Ordinances can mask the sound of your approach and cause enemies to scatter.
  • If there is a knocked down ally or enemy near you, you can use their downed body and Knockdown Shield as cover in a fight.
  • Arc Stars do not stick to Knockdown Shields.
  • Frag Grenades explode within four seconds of being thrown. Whenever possible, give your throw a bit more elevation and you will effectively reduce the time your enemy has to react after the grenade lands.
  • You are likely to deal more damage with the Mastiff shotgun if you aim down sights, especially at medium range. Doing so decreases the spread of your shot, increasing accuracy.
  • The Kraber is the only gun in the game (as yet) that can down any enemy, regardless of their armor, with one shot. A headshot with the Kraber deals over 200 damage.
  • In a melee fight, you can mix regular punches with kicks and uppercuts by jumping or sliding/crouching respectively.

Legend-Specific Tips


  • You can use Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher while healing or shooting.
  • It may be a good idea to use Smoke Launcher before attempting to revive an ally, but not in every situation. The ability is loud and the smoke it spreads can be seen from quite a distance.
  • The Digital Threat attachment is ideal for Bangalore, as it allows her to blind enemies with her smoke while still being able to see them while aiming down sights.
  • Bangalore’s ultimate is best used as a zoning ability – to ward off pursuers while retreating or to cut off an enemy squad’s escape route, for example.
  • You can destroy doors with Smoke Launcher.


  • Bloodhound’s ultimate makes it easier to track enemies but activating it lets out a loud sound that enemies can hear from quite a distance. In addition, for as long as the ability lasts, it emits a constant growl that makes it easier for enemies to hear you.
  • Bloodhound’s abilities pair well with Bangalore’s Smoke Launcher, allowing the legend to see through the smoke while enemies remain blinded.
  • You can ping enemy tracks to point them out to your teammates.


  • Caustic’s abilities are best utilized indoors or in tight spaces. Nox Gas Traps are best placed to one side of entrances and out of sight of the enemy.
  • One shot to the base of a Nox Gas Trap will destroy it.
  • You can pick your Nox Gas Traps back up by interacting with them. Picking up a trap allows instantly refills one of three charges for the ability.
  • Caustic’s Nox Gas Traps can be used to block doors. By doing so, however, you may also be blocking your teammates out of an escape route.
  • Nox Gas slows down and partially blinds your allies as well. Keep that in mind when you are about to drop a Nox Gas Grenade onto enemies.


  • Crypto’s Surveillance Drone can view the number of enemy squads in a 200 meter radius on champion banners.
  • You don’t have to be piloting the Surveillance Drone to activate Crypto’s ultimate. You can, for example, station the drone above enemies, then activate the Drone EMP while you are pushing them with your team.
  • Crypto’s ultimate is an excellent counter against legends such as Caustic or Wattson as it destroys all traps within its area of effect.
  • You can open doors and retrieve downed teammates’ banners with the Surveillance Drone.


  • Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection allows you and your teammates to use healing items 25% faster.
  • The Dome of Protection also allows Gibraltar to revive downed allies faster, complete with a unique animation.
  • You can turn off Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. You may want to do this if you want to be harder to spot while aiming down sights.
  • Gibraltar’s ultimate, Defensive Bombardment, is one of the strongest offensive abilities in the game. It can be thrown quite a distance, deals massive burst damage to enemies, and shell-shocks all in its area of effect. It is best used against enemies in an open space, preferably while they are distracted or engaged in battle.
  • Gibraltar’s Gun Shield and Fortified passive make him ideal for tanking damage and poking at the enemy in a mid-to-long-range bout. The Gun Shield takes up to 75 points of damage while Fortified reduces all damage received by 15% and makes him immune to being slowed by gunfire. His large hitbox, however, makes him an easy target up close, especially when shotguns are involved.
  • If the Gun Shield is broken, you can speed up its cooldown by using Shield Cells or Shield Batteries.
  • You can bounce Gibraltar’s Dome of Protection off of Octane’s jump pad.


  • After deploying Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone, you can drag it around by moving up against it.
  • Ultimate Accelerants are a huge boon for Lifeline as her Care Package can yield Level 3 shields for herself and her team.
  • Lifeline has a smaller hitbox, which makes her harder to hit. In addition, she uses all healing items 25% faster than other legends. Combined, these attributes make her a good choice for mid-to-long-range fights.
  • If you find or pick up a gold (Level 4) body shield as Lifeline, it’s almost always a good idea to let one of your teammates have it, since Lifeline already has fast healing. Having two players on your team who can heal faster is a safer choice and the perk is better suited to legends with abilities that allow a quick escape, such as Pathfinder and Wraith.


  • Once of the best ways to use Mirage’s decoys (Psyche Out) is to send one out from behind cover while engaging an enemy. This may cause them to waste a few shots on the decoy and allow you to line up a few free shots of your own.
  • Apart from retreating, Mirage’s ultimate (Vanishing Act) can also be used for a wide flank. Keep in mind, though, that enemies can still hear you even while you are invisible.
  • Mirage’s decoys can be heard moving. You can use this to confuse nearby enemies who don’t have a line of sight on you.


  • You can shoot the base of Octane’s Launch Pad to break it.
  • You can bounce grenades off of Octane’s Launch Pad. You can even bounce a new jump pad off of an existing one.
  • Slide over a Launch Pad to increase distance traveled.
  • Hit jump just as you use a Launch Pad for greater elevation.
  • Stand right next to a jump pad and do a melee attack while facing it to jump straight up.
  • You can heal while using Octane’s Stim ability.


  • Pathfinder can grapple to ziplines.
  • You can grapple to enemies as well. This disables them and causes you and the grappled enemy to meet in the middle. You can then follow up with a point-blank shotgun blast for high damage, or a melee hit if you are at the end of your clip. Grapples aren’t easy to land on moving enemies. You will have to get within grappling range and lead your shot based on how far away the enemy is as the grapple takes a moment to reach its target.
  • Jump as soon as your grapple connects to gain more elevation and distance. Listen for sound of the grapple attaching itself to your target.
  • Grapples can also be performed in an arc around obstacles or over buildings, yielding further distance or height. You can execute this slingshot maneuver by moving in a direction opposite to the grapple point while looking toward your destination. Be sure to keep the grapple point within view as you do so to keep the grapple from detaching too early.
  • Hit crouch at any point during a grapple to detach.


  • Revenant’s ultimate (Death Totem) allows for a fairly risk-free push against enemies. With the timed “death protection” it offers, you can go into fights with an extra life.
  • The Death Totem can be used by enemies as well. Try to place it out of sight of enemy squads.
  • Once your squad has used a Death Totem, you can destroy it yourself to prevent any enemies from using it.
  • In the right situation, you may be able to use the Death Totem’s death protection to safely retrieve downed allies’ banners.
  • Having your entire squad under a Death Totem’s death protection at the same time isn’t always a good idea. You may want to have one squadmate hold the totem for when the other two return to it with depleted health. This is especially pertinent when engaging multiple squads as there is a chance your totem may get pushed.
  • Revenant’s Stalker passive makes him adept at sneaking up on enemies as the legend moves faster than others while crouched. You will move faster even when healing while crouched.


  • When using Wattson’s Perimeter Security ability, try to place nodes out of the enemy’s line of sight to prevent them destroying the fences from afar. Shooting the base of a node will destroy it.
  • Place fences in a zigzag or ‘x’ pattern where possible. In addition to offering multiple layers of protection against an enemy push, this also makes it harder for the enemy decide which node to destroy first.
  • Using a single Ultimate Accelerant will fully charge Wattson’s ultimate, Interception Pylon. You can only place one Interception Pylon at a time, however.
  • Wattson’s ultimate will protect you and your allies from Bangalore and Gibraltar ultimates in addition to ordinances (grenades). It also intercepts Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, if the ultimate is thrown within the Interception Pylon’s range.


  • You can use Wraith’s Into the Void ability while on ziplines.
  • As Wraith, you should try to take initiative in battle – push when the opportunity presents itself, as you can bail on sticky situations using Into the Void as your allies cover your retreat.
  • You can also help lead a flank using Wraith’s ultimate (Dimensional Rift).
  • Into the Void takes a second to kick in, so time your retreat accordingly.
  • Wraith’s ultimate can also be used to help pinned or downed teammates or to retrieve their banners if they are killed. While Wraith is laying punching a portal, she receives a slight speed boost, which, when combined with her Tactical Ability (Into the Void) makes her quite hard to bring down.
  • If being chased by enemies through a portal, wait on the other side with your gun pointed at it, preferably at an angle to the portal. Most enemies will take a moment to find you while you will know exactly where they are. Note that you should be able to hear a sound a split second before a player emerges from a portal.
  • Wraith’s Tactical Ability (Into the Void) is quite loud. Using it needlessly may alert nearby enemies to your position.

Did these tips help you? Know any tricks you didn’t see in the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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