Apply Themes To Facebook Reactions Emoji With Reaction Packs

Facebook’s long-rumored “Reactions” feature, which was confirmed by the social networking giant in October last year, finally rolled out to both web and mobile a couple weeks ago, replacing the solitary Like button with a total of six different ways to react to posts on the social network. In case you aren’t already all caught up, the new Reactions come up when you hover over the Like button on the desktop website or press and hold the same in the Android or iOS app.

Now, while the new collection of emoji representing said Reactions look perfectly fine the way they are, certain users, like ourselves, always prefer to have the option to switch things up a bit with themes. That’s where the new browser extension called Reaction Packs comes in. Currently compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this add-on offers a growing collection of skins for Reactions, with some replacing Facebook’s offering with Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau faces while others are themed after popular Pokemon or rage/meme faces.


As of this writing, the extension offers a total of ten “Reaction Packs,” most of which consist of circular images rather than polished emoji, but one can’t really complain seeing as both the extension and its packs are available for free. Users are allowed to publish their own packs, which means that number is bound to grow.


To start using the packs, you’ll first have to install the browser extension, which is what will replace Facebook’s default Reactions with a pack of your choice every time the website loads. To do so, simply launch one of the two aforementioned browsers (Chrome or Firefox) and install the appropriate add-on from the links provided on the Reaction Packs website. We’ve linked to the website itself at the end of this post.

Once you’re done installing the extension, return to the website and choose a Reaction Pack by clicking the Use this Pack button below it. Give a refresh, and you should be able to see your selecting emoji pack smiling or frowning back at you from under every post.


Remember that the extension simply skins Facebook Reactions, which means only you (and other users who have the extension installed) will be able to see its emoji. It still beats having to look at the same yellow smileys under every post, though.

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Sameed Khan

I write, game, design at times, and revel in sarcasm. You can find me on Twitter.