Streamer Grooming Community Pipeline Opens Registrations Again For Limited Time

Earlier this year, Facebook Gaming streamer StoneMountain64 (David Steinberg) and former League of Legends pro Snoopeh (Stephen Ellis) launched a private community for aspiring professional streamers. Called Pipeline, the community is meant to aid streamers in growing their brand and business primarily through collaboration and group mentorship. It doubles as a one-stop-shop for guides, discounts on certain hardware as well as design, legal, editing, and tax resources. The price of admission is a monthly fee of $34, though those prepared for a long-term commitment to streaming may want to consider the discounted $340 yearly subscription, which affords additional benefits, such as a
free three-month subscription to Pretzel Rock and a bonus monthly group Q&A with StoneMountain64 himself.

Registrations were opened for a limited time following the launch and now, three months later, the community is accepting new members once again. This time, streamers have two weeks to sign up, starting from August 1.

In an announcement email sent to subscribers, Steinberg shared the community’s progress since its first cycle of registrations.

We started Pipeline because it’s something we wish we had when we started out.


We’ve seen some streamers already transition to part-time or full-time streaming which is incredible exciting to see!


Over the past three months our team has been working closely with founding members before we opened the doors again. Lots of exciting new partners and content inside!

Live streaming may have already cemented itself as a lucrative endeavor for those willing to put in the effort required, but the formula for success in the space is scattered around the web in the form of guides and advice from established professionals. It can be daunting for a novice to get started in the field and an even greater challenge to persevere through low or stagnating viewer counts. Led by streaming professionals with a following of over 3.5 million across multiple platforms, Pipeline aims to gather everything an aspiring professional streamer may need under one roof.

The $34 monthly fee may seem steep, but to those willing to spend several hours every day to make it in the streaming business, the opportunity to network with others in the same boat and receive coaching from experienced peers makes it a more worthwhile investment than, say, money spent on expensive streaming hardware.

To sign up or learn more about Pipeline, head on over to

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