Sekiro: How To Easily Beat (Instant-Kill) Corrupted Monk

We’ve already established how jarring an experience Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice can be for the uninitiated, but whether you’re stuck on a boss or are having trouble getting through a particular area, know that there is always an easier way to victory. The solution mostly comes to you on its own after repeated tries, but at times, whatever strategy you employ seems futile.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with the Corrupted Monk, you’ll be please to know that there is a way to breeze through the fight in a matter of seconds. It does leverage what seems like a glitch in the Monk’s AI, so this does constitute as cheesing the boss, but if that doesn’t bother you, continue reading for the lowdown.

Note: This guide is for the first encounter with the Corrupted Monk (or rather the Monk’s apparition) at the end of the Mibu Village area.

1. Before you make your way to the boss area, equip the Shinobi Firecracker tool (or one of its upgraded forms) and add both Snapseed and Fistful of Ash to your Quick Items bar.

2. At the entrance to the boss area, open up your Inventory and pop a Gachiin’s Sugar (or Gachiin’s Spiritfall).

3. Move toward the back of the area while keeping to the extreme left. The boss will spawn half way through but should fail to notice you. Note: The Monk has her back to you but you won’t be able to perform a stealth Deathblow on her just yet. For that, you will have to move her closer to the the stone door at the back of the area, specifically one of the slender stone columns in front of it.

4. Move closer to the Monk while being careful to stay behind her, then use a Snapseed. This will make her cower and take a step backwards while still remaining oblivious to your presence. You may use up to three Snapseeds here – using any more doesn’t seem to have an effect.

5. Switch to the Fistful of Ash or Shinobi Firecracker tool to continue forcing the boss backward. Remember to wait for the Monk’s cowering animation to end between uses. Three Snapseeds and a total of five Fistful of Ash or Shinobi Firecracker tool uses should be enough.

6. Move to the stone column right behind the Monk. Lock on to the Monk, jump backwards into the stone column, then hit jump again to jump off the column and towards the Monk. If you see the red prompt for a stealth Deathblow, hit the attack button. If not, try redoing the jump to get more height or use Fistful of Ash or Shinobi Firecracker a few more times to get the boss closer to the stone column.

Too easy.

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