Sekiro: How To Beat True Corrupted Monk (Second Form) The Easy Way

The first time you encounter the Corrupted Monk in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, she doesn’t seem like a big enough threat, but as you find out in the final stretch of the game, that was merely an apparition – an illusion conjured by the true Corrupted Monk guarding the entrance to the Fountainhead Palace. This Monk’s true form has a greater variety of attacks than her illusory counterpart and three health bars to boot. Granted the boss still isn’t the most challenging in the game, depleting her vitality or posture three times in a row may still seem like a daunting task to many.

Fortunately, there is a way to make short work of this boss – one that lets you effectively skip the first two phases and breeze through the third. If you’ve been struggling with the Corrupted Monk, continue reading for the lowdown on the cheese strat, and a video guide.

  1. As soon as you enter the boss area, grapple to the nearest tree branch overlooking the bridge – do not wait for her to drop down – and then twice more until you are above and behind the Corrupted Monk. Lock onto the boss and jump in for a stealth Deathblow. Update: The first stealth Deathblow is no longer possible in the latest patch (as of this writing). You can make the first phase a tad easier by employing the strategy described in step 4.
  2. Immediately grapple back to the same tree branch, lock on again and go for another stealth Deathblow. This takes care of the Monk’s first two health bars.
  3. The third phase too can be made much easier with the help of the Shinobi Firecracker tool combined with a Divine Confetti and Ako’s Sugar (or Ako’s Spiritfall) for increased damage. While the boss is down for the count and gearing up to launch into its third phase, ensure that you have the Shinobi Firecracker equipped and active, then pop a Divine Confetti along with an Ako’s Sugar or Spiritfall.
  4. Hit the Monk two to three times and follow up with a Shinobi Firecracker. This will blind her and allow you to hit her four more times, after which you can use another Shinobi Firecracker to blind her again. Repeat this until her health is depleted or you run out of Spirit Emblems.
  5. Even if your Spirit Emblems run out before the Monk’s health does, her posture should be a few deflects away from being broken. The Monk’s attacks are quite easily deflected, but keep your distance when she charges up a Perilous attack, as one of these attacks builds up the Terror status abnormality, which can kill you instantly.

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