Resident Evil 8 Village Resolution & Expected FPS on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Others

Capcom’s next big addition to its iconic Resident Evil franchise, Resident Evil Village, is only a few weeks away from a full release. The studio is preparing for the big day by offering up a time-limited demo on all platforms and two early access demos on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, which was made available a few hours ago.

As the publisher gears up for the release, so must those on the fence about shelling out on the game. PC gamers will, of course, look through the title’s system requirements to see if their rig is at or above minimum specifications. For console owners and Google Stadia subscribers, the developer has provided information on output resolution and expected framerate on the game’s official website, per platform.

Resident Evil 8 Lady Dimitrescu

If you have access to more than one of the game’s supported platforms, you might want to check which offers the best possible experience for you. For example, if your PC struggles to churn out a respectable framerate on your 4K display, you may opt to play the game on your PS5 instead, or you may prefer playing at 1080p and smoother 60 fps on the PS4 Pro than at 1440p and 45 fps on the Xbox Series S.

RE8 Resolution and Performance on Console, Stadia

PlayStation 54K HDR @ 60 fps
PlayStation 5 (with Ray Tracing)4K HDR @45 fps
PlayStation 4 Pro1080p @ 60 fps
PlayStation 4 Pro (at high resolution)4K HDR @ 30 fps
PlayStation 4900p @ 45 fps
Xbox Series X4K HDR @ 60 fps
Xbox Series X (with Ray Tracing)4K HDR @ 45 fps
Xbox Series S1440p HDR @ 45 fps
Xbox Series S (with Ray Tracing)1440p HDR @ 30 fps
Xbox One X1080p @ 60 fps
Xbox One X (at high resolution)4K HDR @ 30 fps
Xbox One900p @ 30 fps
Stadia1080p @ 60 fps or 4K @ 60 fps (upscaled using dynamic resolution)

Resident Evil Village is penned in for a May 7 release on all platforms. You can preorder the game today.

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