Meet The New Google Logo

It has been 16 years since Google was created and a more than a decade since its many services became permanent and essential parts of our lives. As the company itself has expanded and evolved – from a revolutionary search engine startup to an internet giant that is now part of a multifaceted conglomerate called Alphabet –  it’s branding and design language evolved as well. Though, the changes that we’ve seen to the company’s logo haven’t been as drastic year-to-year as the latest revision.


The change comes shortly after the recent restructuring of Google under the Alphabet umbrella, with Sundar Pichai taking up the CEO mantle. Although this might very well be what drove the decision, but the truth is the change has been a long time coming. Everything from the UI to the typography on Google’s products and services, have had a more modern look and feel for a while now, and while the past logo did have a hint of elegance about it, it did seem a little behind the times.

New Google Evolved Logo GIF animation

The new evolved logo retains the old color scheme, while making the design flatter with a chunkier, sans-serif typeface. The font, as many apparently disappointed users around the web are pointing out, might seem a little less becoming of a company with prestige such as Google’s – ‘childish’, even. To us, however, every inch of the new branding screams ‘Google’. Where other companies of Google’s stature might go for elegance, Google has always seemed to prefer warmth and simplicity, and this new logo perfectly mirrors that.


The logo isn’t the only thing that received an overhaul today, though. As the official announcement explains, the new branding brings with it matching Google Search, voice search and Google+ icons, with new icons for other web and Android apps to roll out soon, and celebrating the whole thing is the story of Google’s revolution wrapped up in the following video:

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