A Beginner’s Guide to Lost Ark

South Korean MMORPG Lost Ark has taken the world by storm. It is beautiful, it is massive, but it can also be confusing. While there is a lot to do in Lost Ark — sailing, exploring, dungeon-crawling, and PVPing — it is also easy to get lost in the many submenus, systems, and references.

Lost Ark can be overwhelming for fresh players. If you are interested in diving into the epic island of Arkesia, slaying hundreds of monsters, and protecting the world, you should take all the help you can. That’s where we come in, with our beginner’s guide to Lost Ark! While there’s a lot that you should experience on your own, our guide will help you through the fundamentals of your adventure. From choosing your class to leveling up, here are the tips to get you started.

Lost Ark

Leveling Your Character

First and foremost, Lost Ark is a race to hit level 50. You start at level 10 and once you climb to 50, you will unlock endgame content. These endgame daily missions like Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids can be farmed to obtain the best loot. You will also be able to experience the PvP content.

Lost Ark leveling

You need to focus on your leveling approach. There are a ton of side quests for you to complete and common enemies to slay. But it is not worth it if you want to hit max level quickly. Ignore all the sidequests, rapport quests, secret dungeons, etc.

Instead, you need to follow the downward-pointing orange arrow. It will lead you to the main quests, which can also be found on your quest log and map. Completing the main quests will unlock various zones. First, you will travel through Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. Upon completing the quests in East Luterra, you will unlock the sailing mechanic, which will take you to Tortoyk, Anikka, and Arthetine. By the time you clear Arthetine, you will have hit level 50.

In addition to skipping the grind, also make sure that you complete the dungeons on normal mode. While choosing hard mode may get you better loot, the XP you earn doesn’t change. If you streamline the main quest, you will hit max level in about 20 hours.

Choosing Your Class

Lost Ark classes

You can move quickly as a Wardancer or any other Fighter class. You can brawl up close, you can support with shields and heals, or you can attack from range with magic or guns.

With 5 classes and 15 subclasses to choose from, finding the perfect fit may take some time. Choosing a subclass is easier. Before locking you in, the game gives you a chance to test the advanced classes in a sandbox-style area.

But what if you’re unsure when it comes to the 5 main classes? If you’re solo, you might look at the Warrior class with high DPS and crowd control abilities. When playing with friends, a support class such as Mage might be more fun. The answer is to play each class for yourself. The tutorial can be skipped and since most of the early quests are about killing x number of enemies, you can speed through the dialogue.

Leveling speed can vary from class to class. But once you’ve hit max level with one character, you can boost an alt character straight to 50 with an item called Powerpass. Using it once will get you another Powerpass, but you will only get two. Other than that, you can still boost your alt characters with a mechanic called Knowledge Transfer, which uses in-game currency.

Traveling Across the World

Lost Ark travel

Fast travel in Lost Ark is done via Triports. The world is massive, and instead of walking or riding through locations, using some silver at a Triport is a better solution. But remember, you need to make a habit of activating each Triport that you come across. It doesn’t happen automatically; you need to interact with them by right-clicking or pressing the interact button.

You don’t have to be at a Triport to use them though. Just click the icon and your character will be off after playing a quick tune.

In other means of transport, there’s the mount. You will get your first mount after finishing the prologue. You can put it on your hotbar, and use the dash ability by pressing space to go faster.

There’s the aforementioned sailing, but once you activate a Triport in a port city, you can also board the ocean liner which leaves every minute. It will cost you some silver but is much faster than going from port to port.

Using, and Saving, Potions

Lost Ark potions

This tip will save you in the long term. There are two kinds of potions you will be using: healing and HP. The healing potions recover a flat amount of health over time and they should be used in the early game. The HP potions, meanwhile, will instantly restore a percentage of your health.

During the late-to-endgame content such as Guardian Raids, you will only be able to use your HP potions. So use all healing potions during the early game while keep stocking instant HP recovery potions and items. They may seem inexpensive early on, but they end up being priceless as you go on.

Similarly, you should save the Phoenix Plumes that you find. These special feathers can resurrect you on the spot where you die. While you will obtain a bunch of them initially, they can quickly become the rarest commodity in the game. Use them wisely — for example, in a Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid to resume defeating a tough boss. Otherwise, it is recommended to resurrect at the nearest settlement and run back to where you were.

In Short

Lost Ark can be complex and tough to get into. But mastering the fundamentals will make your journey a lot smoother. The biggest tip, however, is to enjoy yourself. The leveling part and grinding for experience and money can feel like a chore. Instead of trying to rush through the progress, take your time and explore.

In case you didn’t know, you can purchase Lost Ark Royal Crystals to be converted into gold if you need a little in-game boost. You can get this on Steam itself, so make sure to get your Steam Wallet Codes from OffGamers here if you’re interested!

Anyways, watch the cutscenes, read the journals, lose yourself in the lore… or not, it’s your choice. Lost Ark gives you the freedom to have fun your own way!

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