How to Write Long Messages with Gestures in Elden Ring

Messages have been a staple of the Soulsborne multiplayer experience since the very beginning -obscure hints left by other players primarily meant to guide you. Of course, some may choose to intentionally lead you astray instead or exercise their creativity by using the limited collection of message templates and words to construct crude jokes. From Software has continued said tradition with Elden Ring and so it would seem has their fan-base.

If you want to master the art of message writing in the game so you too can partake in all the helping, trolling, and meming, you’ll have to learn how to write two-line messages and add gestures to them. How else are you going to write “you don’t have the right” four times before every barred door?

Elden Ring write long messages

How to Write Longer, Two-Line Messages in Elden Ring

1. Walk to where you want to write the message and open up the in-game menu (Menu on the Xbox controller and Touchpad on the PS4 or PS5 gamepad).

2. Select Messages from the left.

3. Look to the bottom of the screen to view the button assigned to the Toggle message format option. It’s Y on the Xbox controller and △ on the PlayStation controller.

4. Hit the Toggle message format button three times to switch to the two-part format with gestures.

5. You can now choose separate templates and words for the first and second line of the message, joining them together with one of 10 conjunctions (including the “but” conjunction that definitely hasn’t been overused by the community to tell the same juvenile joke a million times).

6. Next up, choose a gesture to attach to your message. This will be displayed over the message when a player interacts with it.

6. When you’re happy with your selections, hit Finish to write the message where you stand.

7. Interact (Y/△) with your newly created message to preview it. If you’re unhappy with the result, you can hit the Delete (Menu/Touchpad) button and start over.

Note that you can delete any of your messages at any point from within the aforementioned Messages menu. Simply switch to the Messages Written tab (RB/R1), highlight a message you want to remove, and hit the Delete (X/) button.

Watch the video guide below.

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