How To Remove, Apply, Or Replace PUBG Weapon Skins In-Game

In a bid to keep up with the increasingly popular Fortnite and its assortment of cosmetic customization, Bluehole recently added weapon skins to the PC variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, adding much needed flair to an otherwise cosmetically rigid game. While many would prefer leaving their gun skins on, especially those with relatively subtle designs, others may find them distracting at times.

A simple solution to this would be to remove the offending skins from the the game’s weapons customization section, but PUBG goes a step beyond that, offering a way to quickly remove or hide weapon skins in-game, toggling them back on just as easily. In what follows, we walk you through exactly that.

All it takes to remove a weapon skin is a simple combination of keys. While in a game, bring up your inventory (Tab or I by default on PC), then hold Alt + Shift and left click on a weapon to remove its skin. Removing a skin reverts the selected weapon to its default/vanilla look.

If you ever forget the key combination for removing weapon skins, look to the bottom-right corner of the inventory screen for a refresher.

If you have a change of heart during the game, simply jump back into your inventory, this time hold down Alt and left click on the same weapon to re-apply the skin. Note that if you pick up a weapon from a fallen enemy or friend and remove its skin, you will only be able to apply the skin you chose for the weapon from the game’s weapon customization section and not the one that was applied to the weapon when you picked it up. You can use this to replace a dropped weapon’s skin with the one you’ve assigned to it.

Prefer watching to reading? Here’s a short video guide.

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