How To Enable & Use 3D Touch To Shoot In PUBG Mobile

It took PUBG Mobile for iOS a while longer than its Android counterpart to hit version 0.4.0, apparently because the addition of micro-transactions had the update suspended in the App Store’s stringent approval process. Since the update was pushed to iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices around the world, it not only gained feature parity with the Android variant, it also received a new feature exclusive to the 3D Touch-ready iPhone.

The game has added the option to use 3D Touch as part of one of its control presets. Players can now use 3D Touch to shoot while dragging to look around and aim. If you’re playing on an iPhone that sports 3D Touch (6s or newer) and haven’t yet spotted the new option, read ahead to learn how to set it up.

PUBG Mobile’s touch controls, much like those of the typical mobile shooter, work in a way that makes it quite a challenge to move, aim, and shoot simultaneously. The only way to continue shooting while shifting aim is to hold down the fire button and dragging around the screen for an uncontrolled spray. Enabling 3D Touch controls solves this problem by unifying aiming and shooting controls.

Here’s how to enable 3D Touch in PUBG Mobile for iOS.

.1. Tap the cog icon to jump into the game’s settings.

2. Switch to Controls tab.

3. Select the the control scheme in the middle – the one marked “2” – and ensure that the Enable 3D Touch option at the bottom is checked.

4. Once the option is selected, you can adjust the sensitivity of the 3D Touch input.

You may want to test out the default sensitivity in-game before you make any changes to this setting. If you find yourself shooting when you didn’t mean to, simply reduce the sensitivity. Conversely, if you feel you’re having to press to hard to register a shot, increasing the sensitivity would be the way to go.

Happy hunting!

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