How to Disable or Auto-Skip the Dota 2 Intro Video

With a recent major patch for Dota 2, Valve added a cool new intro video to the game. It makes for good viewing, but one is bound to get bored eventually, at which point, the intro becomes nothing more than an extra obstacle between you and the game’s home screen.

If you agree, you might be pleased to know that there is a fairly quick and simple way to disable said video. This will cause the game to jump right to the home screen on being launched. Here’s what you need to do.

Dota 2 Intro Video

How to Turn Off or Auto-Skip the Dota 2 Intro Video

1. Launch Steam.

2. Within Steam’s Library tab, right-click Dota 2 and select Properties.

Dota 2 properties

3. Within the General tab of the Properties window, click the Set Launch Options button.

4. Type “-novid” (without quotes) into the text field that follows and hit Ok.

How to disable Dota 2 intro video (Launch Options)

That’s all there is to it. With this launch condition added, the game will skip the intro video, moving directly from the splash screen to the home screen.

Alternatively, you may delete, move, or rename the intro video file itself, though the game tends to display a black screen as it seemingly searches for the video file at launch. The aforementioned solution is simpler and seems to work better than this alternative.

You don’t have to take our word on the matter, though. If you’d rather test the same on your own, right-click Dota 2 in your Steam Library, select Properties, switch to the Local Files tab and click Browse Local Files. From the Explorer window that follows, navigate to game > dota > panorama > videos and rename, delete, or move the intro_movie.webm file.

And if you ever have a hankering to watch the intro video ever again, you may watch it right here, through the magic of YouTube instead of having to edit the game’s Launch Options again.

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