Fallout 76: T-65 Stats Compared; Is it the Best Power Armor?

With the release of the Wastelanders DLC, Fallout 76 didn’t just get a fresh main quest-line but also an all-new end-game grind in the form of the Gold Bullion system. It’s not the hardest currency to farm, but it takes time, with a daily limit of 200 in exchange for Treasury Notes and a weekly limit of 300 for caps restricting maximum earnings to 1700 per week.

There are some great rewards to be had once you have enough Gold Bullion to trade in, however, with the new T-65 Power Armor being among the top prizes. Is getting the T-65 worth the time and effort required, though? How does it stack up against the other power armors in the game? We attempt to answer both of these questions below.

Fallout 76 T-65 Power Armor

T-65 Power Armor Stats

Info on the T-65 set is scarce at the time of writing, with many still a ways away from getting their hands on every piece of the Power Armor. The folks over at Fandom have been able to piece together base protection ratings for each part of the set, though we’re still missing a few of the finer details, including the weight of each piece and any info pertaining to its many upgrades.

PartsPhysical Resistance*Energy Resistance*Radiation Resistance*
Legs & Arms857070
Full Set565470470
*Resistance ratings for the Level 50 variant of the armor

Power Armor Stats Comparison

Of course, whether or not these stats make it worth the time and effort depends on how it compares to the other sets. One look at the table below should give you your answer.

The T-65 is by far the best Power Armor set in the game when it comes to Damage Resistance. Apart from the Strangler Heart variant of the Ultracite set, which edges it out by a negligible 30 points in the Radiation Resistance department, it has a sizable lead on the former top dogs. In fact, it is as big of an upgrade to the Ultracite set as the Ultracite set is to the T-45 Power Armor, which is a mid-game set with a level requirement of 25.

Power ArmorLevel RequirementPhysical Resistance*Energy Resistance*Radiation Resistance*
Strangler Heart40453393500
*Resistance ratings for the Level 50 variant of the full armor set

Does this info warrant spending weeks to get the full set and a couple more to splash on the upgrades, you ask? Well that depends on the Power Armor you’re currently using as well as your character build. If you were planning on moving on from, say, the Excavator set, you might as well skip the Ultracite Power Armor and go straight for the top prize. If, however, your Ultracite set has been treating you well enough and you haven’t invested much in Power Armor Perk Cards, your Gold Bullion savings may be better spent on something else, like the Secret Service armor set.

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