Grime: How to Get Items Stuck In Small Gaps or Under Traps

Grime is big on exploration. The game’s world is teeming with secrets to find and treasures to pick up. Up until half way through the game, however, most of these will be out of your reach, some more than others.

Every now and then, you’ll come across an item that is just out of reach, taunting you from within a slim crevice in a wall, a sea of gas, or under a trap. To pick up such unreachable items, you’ll need to find and defeat an optional boss called the Misbegotten Amalgam, hidden away in a secret area in Feaster’s Lair. Doing so will get you the Pull Items ability, allowing you to collect items from a distance using the pull mechanic. You’ll need this ability to get the Skinmaker (Acquire all Outfits) and Instruments (Acquire all Weapons) achievements.

Grime: How to get unreachable items

Note: The Misbegotten Amalgam despawns after you beat the Celebration boss in Cenotaph City so be sure to look for him before you do.

Misbegotten Amalgam Location

Here’s how to find the Misbegotten Amalgam.

1. There’s a breakable wall to the far left of Feaster’s Lair. Beyond it, you’ll find a Surrogate checkpoint. Rest at it, then go down the ladder to the left.

Grime Misbegotten Amalgam secret-boss location

2. Hit the wall at the bottom-left of the area below, next to the platform above the gas geyser. You’ll find the Misbegotten Amalgam beyond this breakable wall.

Grime Misbegotten Amalgam boss location

3. Walk up to the boss and hit it once to begin the fight.

How to Beat the Misbegotten Amalgam

This Misbegotten Amalgam is essentially a supercharged version of the Amalgam – the game’s first boss. The Amalgam’s more aggressive cousin doesn’t volunteer attacks that can be absorbed. You’ll have to earn those by using Pull on the boss when it is vulnerable (flashes yellow).

In the first phase of the fight, you can use Pull on the boss for about a second following one of these two attacks:

  • The boss places two hands at each edge of the ground and quickly clasps them together, with both meeting in the middle. You can jump over this attack or dash through it. Stay as close to the center as possible, though – within Pull range of the boss.
  • The boss smashes the ground beside its body, slides it to the edge, swipes back inward, and then outward again. Dash toward the boss through the final outward swipe to remain within Pull range.
When you see that yellow ring around the its eye, use Pull to trigger a sequence of attacks that can be absorbed.

Using Pull on the boss will cause it to smash the ground multiple times with its fists, on both sides. These attacks can be absorbed (parried) quite easily, just like with the original Amalgam, inflicting damage and replenishing your Breath.

You can (and should) hit the boss in between and during attacks to speed up the fight. The best way to do this is to stay close to the boss, just a smidge off the center, jump over his swipes and attack the body. If you time it right, you can jump onto one of its hands, then jump again to deliver a blow to the eye for massive damage. You may not need more than a single jump to hit the eye if you have a weapon with more reach, such as the Carven Greatsword.

Remember to dash to the other side whenever the boss primes one of its Hulk-smash attacks, as these will always cause the ground on your side to collapse.

Past 50% health, the boss lets out a wail to signal phase two of the fight. Take this downtime to land a Special Attack or multiple regular hits. Beyond this point, the boss becomes more aggressive, chaining together more attacks, with barely any downtime between them.

The effective strategy to land hits during the second phase remains the same as before, though there is only one attack that leaves the boss vulnerable to Pull:

  • The boss places two hands at each edge of the ground and quickly clasps them together in the middle, then swipes both outward on either side, then back in, and finally back outward one last time. You can dash or jump toward the boss through or over the last swipe to use Pull on the boss as he flashes yellow.

The attack sequence that this triggers is the same as before, easily absorbed to deal damage and restore Breath.

How to Use the Pull Items Ability

Once you’ve defeated the Misbegotten Amalgam and acquired the Pull Items ability, you’ll be able to pick up any item instantly using the Pull mechanic, provided it is within range. For certain items, you may have to jump and dash to bring them within range of the ability.

Pull Items ability

On controller, Pull is mapped to the right analog stick by default.

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