Download: PT For PC Ports The PS4 Horror Sensation To Windows

After falling foul of a spat with Konami, Hideo Kojima – father of the iconic Metal Gear series – parted ways with the studio that kicked off his career in the video game industry. His exit from the company is likely what drove the final nail in the coffin of the much anticipated Silent Hills game that, along with the acclaimed game designer, had been leveraging the talents of filmmaker Guillermo del Toro and actor Norman Reedus.

The reason for the hype surrounding the game was a free demo that had been uploaded to the PlayStation 4 store. Titled P.T. – short for Playable Teaser – the demo took players through a looping, somewhat psychedelic reality haunted by the ghost of a dead woman, charging them with solving the mystery of her murder. The short teaser is still deemed to be one of the scariest games to hit the platform, which made news of the final game’s cancellation all the more disappointing. While most horror game aficionados who own a PS4 have likely already played the game, those on other platforms have had to make do with the many poor clones that followed. Well, if you own a PC, and have been itching to have a go at P.T., you should be pleased to know that there is now a port of the game that you can download and play for free right now.

The developer, who goes by the name Qimsar, explains how he went about porting the game over to Windows:

As the title of the game suggests, this is a full port/remake (whatever you want to call it) of PT for PC. Through a little over a month of work, I was able to almost completely accurately bring over everything about the original game over to the Unreal Engine by studying speedruns of the game, regular no-commentary walkthroughs, and through my own copy of it on my PS4.

The remake is available over at Game Jolt, but as the developer stresses, it is a few features away from completion, namely, character animations and VR support. Unlike some other remakes and ports out there, however, this one “will be 100% playable from start to end with gameplay fully intact,” and with a respectable GPU, will probably run at a higher framerate than the original, which was limited to a maximum of 30 fps.

You can follow the link below to download P.T. for PC. While we would normally suggest waiting for the final, polished version, there is no telling how long this project stays up before receiving a cease and desist letter from the folks over at Konami.

Download P.T. for PC

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