Browse, Download “Holey” (Cutout) Wallpapers For Galaxy S10, S10+ With This Free App

The age of display notches and hole-punch cameras may be in full swing for the smartphone market, but most participants seem to have given in to the trend reluctantly. The designs coming out of the market today aren’t exactly ideal, after all. Even manufacturers seem to agree, though subtly, what with both Apple and Samsung shipping their latest smartphones with stock wallpapers that fade to black where the display features a notch or cutout.

Of course, that is but one of many creative ways you can hide display cutouts from sight, such as the “no-notch” wallpapers that have amused many an iPhone X and XS user over the past year and a half. Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S10 and S10+ too have quite a few of such wallpapers to their name, and I must say, if you own either smartphone, you’d be remiss not to try one out, if only for a little laugh.

Now, you could use Google to get your fix, but as it happens, a considerate developer has published an app that aims to help Galaxy S10 and S10+ users easily find and download “holey” wallpapers, all for free, unlike many of the offerings in the “Cutout Wallpapers” section of Samsung’s own Galaxy Store.

The app, called Hidey Hole, fetches images from the r/S10wallpapers subreddit, placing them in categories according to the flair added to the source. It lets you browse wallpapers, adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and “blackpoint” before setting them as your homescreen or lockscreen background, and filter wallpapers by new or popular as well as by device.

Remember to disable the Motion Effect option while applying a wallpaper as the background needs to be static for the camera holes to line up with the image.

Hidey Hole can be downloaded from the Google Play Store right now. The app is in early stages of development, so expect a few bugs.

Download Hidey Hole for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+

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