Apex Legends: Armed And Dangerous Tips, Best Loot Locations

It’s been a couple days now since Apex Legends introduced the new limited-time shotguns-and-snipers-only mode Armed and Dangerous along with an all-new location called the Labs as part of the Wraith-themed “Voidwalker” event. The first day was utter mayhem, with a majority of players repeatedly dropping in at the new location and being instantly eliminated. Now, it seems players are finally beginning to understand the ins and outs of the new game mode.

If you’re just joining in the fun or have just been struggling to get the ball rolling, here are some tips for the new mode that may make things a tad easier.

Read the Voidwalker Patch Notes

It goes without saying that you’d be better equipped to play the new game mode if you’re familiar with its rules. You will find the same as well as any other changes the latest update makes to the game right here.

Pick Your Fights Carefully

Body Shields, Helmets, and shield cells/batteries are rare in Armed and Dangerous. The game mode only spawns level 1 shields, and you won’t find higher-level armor from Lifeline drops either. Unless you drop at a location with high-tier loot or win a big fight, you may not find any Body Shields the entire match and even if you do, you will rarely have shield cells to spare. You’ll have to be more careful with the way you take each fight, because you may not be able to recover fully before the next one.

Dropping at Labs Is Rarely Worth It

The new Labs location can be a ton of fun if you get in first, but it doesn’t always have the best loot. If you plan on going for the win and not the kills, you may want to go elsewhere, at least till its novelty dies down. Even if you manage to down everyone in there with you (and it tends to get quite crowded), you are likely to get ambushed on your way out – speaking of which, it’s almost always better to take the portal instead of exiting through the front doors.

Best Locations For Loot (Gold Weapons, Body Shields)

In my personal experience, Thunderdome consistently spawns the best loot on the map in Armed and Dangerous. I repeatedly found up to two level 1 shields, three gold weapons (including the Kraber and Mastiff, though that is rare), multiple Phoenix Kits, and Shield Cells. If you happen to be the only squad there, you may not need to loot much for the rest of the game. If there’s a squad contesting the location, try to secure the Supply Bins at the front or back of the area. Ground loot drop chances have been reduced by 45% for this mode.

Gold Triple Take at Thunderdome

The same goes for The Pit, which has consistently spawned up to two gold weapons and a couple Body Shields for me.

Both Thunderdome and The Pit are popular drop zones, however. A safer, lesser-known gold mine for this mode is the small compound just South of The Pit and East of Runoff. This little house almost always has at least one gold weapon and can, at times, spawn up to four – my friends and I once found three Mastiff shotguns and a Kraber here!

This place is a gold mine!

Airbase, Runoff, Artillery, Hydro Dam, Repulsor, and Relay all seem to be viable spots for picking up Body Shields, though I was only able to find gold weapons at Airbase and Hydro Dam, and that too not consistently.

Of course, you could always drop at a hot zone or go for an air drop, but that is always a gamble.

“It’s Over, Anakin!”

High ground is even more potent in Armed and Dangerous. If you don’t have a shield, you are a one-shot affair for a number of guns in the mode. Securing high ground makes it a tad harder for enemies to get free shots off on you.

Balanced Weapon Combination

There are no definitive winning weapon combinations, but if you’re looking for a nice balance between ease of use and damage output, a Triple Take with Precision Choke for long range battles along with a Peacekeeper for close combat can work wonders.

Struggling with Bullet Drop?

6. To build on the previous point, if you’re struggling with the lead and drop on the Longbow, you may want to give the Triple Take a go – it has negligible drop at mid-to-long range and the spread increases your chances of connecting. Any damage done in this mode is significant since healing items are relatively rare.

Hide Discarded Gold Weapons

Don’t leave gold weapons lying around even if you don’t want them. It is better to pick them up and drop them in a place where an enemy won’t find them.

Lifeline for Sustainability, Gibraltar for Free Shield

The game mode has reduced spawn rate for all kinds of loot apart from guns and ammo. Even with the spawn rate for syringes having been adjusted, you aren’t likely to find enough to last you through the entirety of a busy match. Lifeline’s D.O.C. Heal Drone could get you and your team out of a pinch, or top you off before the next fight when you run out of meds.

Gibraltar’s Gun Shield passive becomes all the more potent as well, what with many running around without armor. It is essentially a free white shield for his torso.

Bangalore may find herself at a disadvantage late in the game, on the other hand, with the Digital Threats on the many gold shotguns and snipers in each game seeing right through her smoke.

What has been working for you so far? Did I miss anything? Let us know in the comment section below.

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