PUBG Mobile: Improve Your Aim With Touch-Screen Controls [Tips]

Not only is PUBG Mobile free to download on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, it plays surprisingly well for a mobile shooter. Some have gone so far as to rank its fun factor higher than the PC and console variants. With the game being showered with such praise, it is only natural that even casual players – those with little or no stock in the battle royale genre – would be getting in line to try their hand at it

If only to make the experience a little less daunting for new players, the mobile variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds matches you up against more bots than other players through the first few games. Once you cross that threshold, however, you are eventually, at least during the time of this writing, bound to come across players who seem to be moving and shooting with the kind of agility that one usually only sees in the PC version of the game. While a select few of them may really be that good, it seems most others may be using a keyboard, mouse, or controller with their mobile device or playing the game on their computers using an Android emulator such as the popular BlueStacks. Regardless of whether or not this can be classified as pure cheating, I think we can all agree it entails an unfair advantage.

Update: The game now pairs emulator users with each other.

If you too are tempted to turn to the Dark Side and use a keyboard and mouse yourself, just know that there are better, more ethical ways to slay in the game. Following are some tips as to how you can improve your aim and get better at winning gun fights in PUBG Mobile while sticking to touchscreen controls.

Strafe While Shooting

In any shooting game, one of the best ways to avoid getting shot is to keep moving, especially during a gun fight. The problem is, PUBG Mobile’s controls don’t make it easy to move, look around, and shoot at the same time. You will notice that most players will stop moving whenever they find a target. This might work if the target is far away and unaware of you, but if you’re spotted out of cover, there’s a chance they could land a lucky headshot on you before you can line up your own shots.

One solution that has worked quite well for me thus far is to strafe left and right while facing enemies. In a medium to long range fight where an enemy stops to take shots at you in the open, turn towards them and start strafing left and right as you adjust the height of your crosshair to match that of your enemy’s head or chest, then shoot in short bursts every time your aim strafes across the enemy. The game’s aim-assist feature really shines here, though you may have to readjust the height of your aim if you miss the first couple of shots.

In close combat, and with a full-auto weapon in hand, you may simply hold down the fire button and drag your finger around to adjust your aim, all while moving.

Use the Gyroscope

There is an option within PUBG Mobile’s settings that will let you use the gyroscope in your mobile device to control your aim all the time (Always on) or only while aiming down sights (Scope on). Turning this option on just for ADS (aim down sights) is recommended, as it really does help  those long-range battles, especially when you’re toting a sniper with a 4x or 8x scope attachment.

You can also set the sensitivity of the gyroscope control. I’d suggest keeping this at the default value or just slightly higher, so as to help you fine-tune your aim through scopes. Within the Sensitivity tab of the game’s settings, scroll down to find the “Gyroscope” section.

Switch to Another Control Preset

PUBG Mobile lets you pick one of three control presets at first launch, but you can hop into the game’s settings to switch to another if you feel like the current one doesn’t suit your style of play. Each preset changes the way you aim, move, and shoot, so it should be worth your while to have another look at them. You can also completely customize your on-screen controls, re-positioning and resizing each button.

Lean From Behind Cover

Enemies will find it harder to spot or hit you when you’re peeking out from behind cover. You can learn how to enable and use the game’s Peek & Fire feature in the following guide: How To Lean / Peek From Behind Cover In PUBG Mobile.

Enable 3D Touch (iPhone Only)

The only way to continue shooting while shifting aim in PUBG Mobile is to hold down the fire button and dragging around the screen for an uncontrolled spray. An additional input scheme exclusive to 3D Touch-enabled iPhones solves this problem by unifying aiming and shooting controls. To learn how to enable 3D Touch input, read: How To Enable & Use 3D Touch To Shoot In PUBG Mobile.

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