PUBG Mobile: How To Disable Shadows, Unlock More FPS, Resolution Settings On Android

Owing to the inherent flexibility of the platform, Android users are generally afforded more options in the way of customization, even when it comes to major releases the likes of PUBG Mobile, it seems. While the battle royale game maintains feature parity across both Android and iOS, the greater pliability of the former coupled with relatively lax rules of the Google Play Store allow for the availability of apps that can customize the experience of the game.

One such app is Graphics Tool for PUBG Mobile. Available as a free download on the Play Store, this app offers graphics customization options not available in the game itself and unlocks settings that may be unsupported on certain devices. In addition to gaining access to a greater number of resolution and frame rate settings than the game may support on your device, you get the choice to disable shadows, which may make the game smoother on certain older devices that struggle to output a steady frame rate.

The app is essentially a front-end for editing the game’s config file. Scanning through said file for the settings you wish to change, even if you have to do it once, is an ordeal that most would want to avoid, which is if they are aware of the possibility. This app makes the process a two-tap affair, where the user isn’t required to know the perimeters being edited backstage, and of course, any changes you make are easily reversible.

Note that the first time you launch the app, it will ask you for access to media and files on your device. This will allow it to edit the aforementioned config file. As have a few users over at Reddit, we can confirm that the app does indeed work. If you’re looking to check how far you can improve the game’s visuals before FPS starts to suffer or want to reduce the visuals in favor of performance, it won’t hurt to give the app a whirl.

You can download it to your device from the link below.

Download Graphics Tool for PUBG [Google Play Store]

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