Interview: YouTube Gaming Streamer GameDojo Discusses Streaming Challenges, Pet Peeves, More

If you’re an avid consumer of live game streams and have ever taken a gander at YouTube Gaming, you may have come across GameDojo. The entertaining, and at times pleasantly eccentric, video game streamer has a healthy following of 85K+ on the platform as of this writing. If you enjoy watching FPS titles such as the new Call of Duty: WWII or battle royale games the likes of the ubiquitous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, you might already be subscribed to his channel.

How well do you know the streamer, though, and wouldn’t you like to know more about him?

We contacted Dojo for a short interview and he was kind enough to indulge us, giving us a deeper insight into the man behind the stream, his thoughts on the streaming business, its challenges, and much more. Let’s jump right into it, shall we?

An Interview with GameDojo

Who or what inspired you to get into streaming?

GameDojo: I was up late every night with the birth of my second kid. I stumbled on an article about YTG’s new live feature and decided since I was up, why not give it a try. I never planned on doing it more than a few times.

What has been the general reaction of friends/family to your love for games?

GameDojo: I started playing games when i was 3 years old on a ColecoVision console. Never stopped. They all pretty much know it’s part of who I am at this point, though I do get the odd looks ever so often when I take off a day of work for the new COD every year.

Is streaming as fun as it seems? Do you have any streaming pet peeves?

The benefits that keep a streamer going is usually more humanistic in nature.

GameDojo: “Fun” is a broad word. Yes, it is fun to stream, but the benefits that keep a streamer going is usually more humanistic in nature. The connections and support you get from viewers and the people you meet. My biggest pet peeve with streaming is when viewers complain about the game being played. There is no way a streamer can possibly make everyone happy all the time. If you play only one game, you get complaints about not playing anything else, and if you switch around, you’ll get complaints that you’re not playing the “other” game. You can’t win.

Is there anything about the profession that you wish you knew when you were starting out?

No one ever tells you the force of will it takes to do it consistently for years on end.

GameDojo: No one ever tells you the force of will it takes to do it consistently for years on end. It’s easy to stream for the first week, or two weeks or two months, but eventually you’ll hit a wall where you start to question if it’s worth it to take up so much of one’s time. I call it the 3 month wall. This is when it’s far easier to quit then it is to keep going forward. If you can manage to break through that wall, usually by establishing a comfortable routine, there’s a good chance you can do it forever.

Streamer by night, _______ by day? What do you do when you aren’t streaming?

GameDojo: 3D Conceptual Designer and Father of Two. I have a full time job outside of my nightly streams designing in-store displays in 3D programs to clients spanning the globe. With the career, family, and streaming, I only get about 1.5 hours a day to myself.

What do you think it takes to make it in the streaming business? Should every gamer try their hand at it?

The reality is there is far more going on that most don’t see.

GameDojo: You must have an intense work ethic. Streaming looks like someone simply playing video games in front of a webcam, but the reality is there is far more going on that most don’t see. I do agree everyone should try it, but not because they think it’s an “easy” way to make a living. It’s brutal both on the time/work it takes but as well as the uncertainty and volatility of the industry.

How different is the real you, if at all, from your streaming persona?

GameDojo: I don’t feel I’m much different at all. I think I’m more exaggerated and expressive on stream, but that’s the nature of entertaining. But I don’t feel I have to get into character or alter my expressions in any way.

Your favorite streamers?

GameDojo: I have too many close friends that stream to answer this. I plead the 5th!

Your top 5 all-time favorite video games?


  • Half-Life
  • Halo 3
  • Call of Duty World at War
  • Ultima 7
  • Zelda A Link to the Past

What’s your favorite streaming platform and why?

GameDojo: YouTube Gaming Live is my favorite because it is offering the best community available. They are slow to roll out features and they have their shortfalls, but the team working to improve the platform are passionate and motivated. It embodies the same aspects of the “we are all in this together” mindset of the community and this has led to strong bonds of friendships between YTG employees, streamers and viewers.

What’s your greatest fear? It doesn’t have to be rational.

GameDojo: Falling from a high place. I’m scared of heights, and the thought of falling for a long period of time KNOWING the doom that awaits sounds terrifying.

You can catch GameDojo live on YouTube Gaming every night starting at 10 PM Central Time. To be notified when he goes live next, pay his channel a visit here, hit the Subscribe button and then the bell icon next to it.

A big thank you to Dojo for taking time out for the interview. May your virtual bullets never miss their mark!

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