How To Schedule SMS Or iMessage In The iOS Messages App

Reminding a colleague, friend or family member of an important meeting, task or appointment can become a matter of concern when you yourself forget to send the reminder. If you often find yourself in said situation, one solution would be to have your smartphone remind you to contact your friend. An easier way is to schedule a text message and have your phone take care of the rest.

Unfortunately for those who own an iPhone or other iOS device, the only apps on the App Store that allow scheduling text messages require users to purchase credit, as due to certain restrictions in place within iOS, they cannot interact with the stock Messages app and have to use their own servers to deliver texts. You’ve probably guessed where we’re going with this. Once again, we are going to look to the jailbreak community for help, and once again, it will not disappoint. There are quite a few text-scheduling tweaks and apps on Cydia, including popular Messages alternative biteSMS. The latest addition to said genre is a neatly-implemented Messages extension by CP Digital Darkroom called Kairos.


This system tweak adds the option to an easily-accessible place right within the stock Messages app. In addition, it also allows you to quickly switch between SMS and iMessage from the same place. To schedule a message, simply compose a message within a new or existing thread, hold down on the Send button, and select the Schedule from the tiny context menu that pops up. Set a date and time of choice for your message and hit Select to schedule it.


The folder icon next to the compose button in the top-right corner of the Messages app will take you to a separate section that lets you view and individually delete scheduled messages by swiping leftward across each.


Kairos can be downloaded for free from the developer’s repository at The repo isn’t one of Cydia’s defaults, so you’ll have to add it yourself from the Sources > Edit > Add.

Update: The tweak is now available on the BigBoss repo for $0.99. It seems to have been removed from the developer’s own repository.

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