How To Get Full-screen Folders In iOS 9

When the iOS 9 jailbreak was released a couple weeks ago, we were expecting the Cydia store to be flooded with tweaks exclusive to the newest iteration of Apple’s mobile OS, as has been the trend with past jailbreak releases. Things have been relatively slow this time around, though, maybe because developers are working to make their existing repository of tweaks and apps compatible with the new iOS 9, or the jailbreak store along with the OS itself has matured to the extent that it has become much harder for developers to come up with new ideas.

That doesn’t mean we won’t be getting much of the same options we had with with previous jailbroken versions of iOS. One example of an old Cydia tweak revitalized for iOS 9 is FullFolder by Lizynz, a tweak that brings customizable, full-screen folders to your Home screen. The new, iOS 9-exclusive version of the tweak, called FullFolder9, comes with several new customization features as well as support for landscape mode on iPhone 6s Plus and 6 Plus while leaving out the old option to enable nested folders, though the new customization options should make those moot. Still, if you feel the need to have nested folders, head on over to our our brief guide on placing folders within folders.

Now, you can get this feature along with a bunch of others (including nested folders) with the popular FolderEnhancer tweak for just $0.99. This tweak is for those who’d rather avoid shelling out cash for UI customization or simply can’t due to lack of support for Cydia’s payment methods in their regions.


After installation and a respring, the tweak will automatically go into effect and will have to be uninstalled if you want its effects reversed. By default, the tweak stretches out folders to occupy the entire screen when they’re opened, with the name appearing at the top. Folders can now be closed using the pinch gesture or by tapping an empty space.

For existing folders that contain more than nine apps, you will have to manually move icons from other pages within the folder to the first page to make use of the additional space. The current version of the tweak does not do that for you automatically.


Before you move around your app icons, though, launch the Settings app and open the newly added FullFolder9 section to customize it to your liking.


You can hide animations to make opening and closing folders feel snappier, toggle the Enabled FullFolder option on to hide folder names, creating even more space for your icons, make folder backgrounds completely transparent, customize the look of folder icons, play around with the radius (roundness) of folder backgrounds, and choose from several Folder layout options, setting the number of icons that appear in each row and column.


There’s even a fine tuning section for the layout that allows you to set the vertical and horizontal distance between app ions. Remember, some of the settings require a respring (SpringBoard restart) for changes to take effect. You can tap the Respring option in the top-right corner of the tweak’s settings section to do so, or, if you have the EasyRespring tweak we covered earlier, you can swipe away the Home screen card within the app switcher.

FullFolder 9 is available for free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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