New Photos Offer A Closer Look At Jared Leto’s Joker From Suicide Squad

The upcoming live-action adaptation of DC Comics’ Suicide Squad series has garnered quite a lot of hype, especially since its Comic-Con trailer was officially released onto the web following a leak. In fact, despite the relatively lesser-known premise of the upcoming Warner Bros. movie, it seems to have moviegoers almost as excited as they are for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, if not more so.

The hype is owed in large part to the inclusion of the Joker, a DC Comics favorite that doubled down on popularity after Heath Ledger’s acclaimed portrayal of the character in Nolan’s The Dark Knight film. With Jared Leto taking on the role of the Joker this time around, many are hoping for another riveting performance taking the actor’s unique portfolio into consideration. The look is a far cry from the previous iteration, with bright-green, gelled-back hair, metal teeth and tattoos adding more than a touch of glamour to the mix.

New photos of Leto’s Joker have surfaced in a piece by the Empire magazine, offering a closer look at his garb, which, according to producer Charles Roven, is inspired by Mexican cartels.


While the purple trench coat and cane may be nods towards the classic comicbook Joker, the entire ensemble has more of a gangster look to it than its comicbook counterpart, though it’s unclear whether this will be the character’s final look – bare feet and the pants labeled “Arkham” might not be what the Clown Prince goes with for the entire duration of the film.


Reactions from around the web suggest opinions of the new costume will most likely be as divided as those regarding the character’s initial reveal. At the end of the day, though, what matters is how Leto plays his Joker. If he can give a performance as memorable as his predecessor’s, fans should be able to look past the cosmetic quirks – even the tattoos. Remember, the internet was skeptical about Ledger’s Joker as well, and that turned out pretty well, didn’t it?

If you haven’t watched the official trailer for the Suicide Squad film, we’ve embedded it below, just for you.

Sameed Khan

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