Cydia Impactor Error Fix: “You Already Have A Current iOS Development Certificate”

Primarily created to make the lives of developers and power-users easier, Cydia Impactor has its fair share of issues, many of which would baffle the general user only looking to sideload an app.

One of the aforementioned issues comes in the form of an error labelled “provision.cpp: 71” that halts package installation onto iOS devices, with the resulting prompt citing a development certificate conflict. Although the error’s description might be enough to point a developer in the right direction, us regular folks are likely to turn to the web for a solution.

provision.cpp:71 ios/submitDevelopmentCSR = 7460 You already have a current iOS Development certificate or a pending certificate request.

If you too came across this error while attempting to install an IPA to your iPhone or iPad, then you’d be happy to know that there is a solution, and it’s quite straightforward.

1. Launch Cydia Impactor if it isn’t already open.

2. Select Xcode > Revoke Certificates.

3. Enter your Apple ID username followed by the password.

Note: You will, of course, be using the same Apple ID with which you installed the package that is causing the conflict. Using another ID will simply install the package with a new certificate without dealing with the conflict of the problematic ID.

That’s all. After a couple seconds, the application will notify you of the number of certificates revoked. Note that the process will revoke all certificates associated with the Apple ID, which means you might have to reinstall any other apps you may have sideloaded using the same ID.

There is little chance of this solution failing, but if it does, for whatever reason, your only other option may be to create a new Apple ID to use with Cydia Impactor. It is better to use a burner ID with tools such as these anyway.

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Sameed Khan

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