Top Tech Reviewer MKBHD Explains Why He Prefers Android Over iPhone

Marques Brownlee, the guy most of us know from popular YouTube gadget review channel MKBHD, just took a clear side in the never-ending smartphone wars. In an interview with Tech Insider, the seasoned tech reviewer revealed that he prefers Android smartphones over Apple’s iPhone, citing greater customizability and easy access to Google’s virtual assistant, Google Now, as the core reasons for his preference.


“For me, I prefer a lot of the customizability you get with an Android phone over an iPhone, which is why, most often, my main SIM card is in an Android phone.” Brownlee said. “I have all kinds of widgets, and different configurations with my home screens, and things I can permanently have in my notification tray – all kinds of crazy stuff that you can do on an Android phone.”

His favorite feature on Android is the always-on voice-invocation for Google Now, which allows users to quickly launch the virtual assistant with the “Ok Google” voice command from anywhere in the OS at any time, and not just when the phone is plugged in for charging.

“…then just be able to search the Internet, ask what song is playing, find a nearby food store, gas station, all kinds of stuff that Google Now does that’s right at your fingertips.”

The thing to keep in mind here is that Marques isn’t passing endorsements that deal in absolutes. He identifies himself as a geek and clearly has a taste for the fun of customization, as many geeks do, but home screen replacement apps, themes and persistent notifications aren’t for everyone. That said, a thumbs up from an experienced tech connoisseur isn’t one to scoff at. It gives weight to similar arguments and personal opinions floating around the web under countless iOS versus Android articles and forum posts.

Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if Brownlee’s comments infuriated a few of his fans from the other side of the smartphone conflict. Those of us who’ve been on both sides of the experience have learned to appreciate the strengths of each and form our preferences.

I, for one, agree with the YouTuber’s points, but still continue to use an iPhone as a daily driver simply based on the better overall quality of available apps, though I understand the difference between iOS apps and their Android variants is quickly reducing. In addition, there are Android apps, especially those with the ability to make use of root access, that can do things apps would never be able allowed to do on an iPhone, which is why, every now and then, I find the geek in me yearning to pop my primary SIM card into an Android phone.

You can watch the full video interview over at Tech Insider (linked below).

Source: Tech Insider

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